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Brockwitz Glass - Part 3
BROCKWITZ  Glass - Part 3

This series was prompted by Bob Smith, longtime devoted tumbler collector, who traveled to Germany for some history on tumblers discovered to have been produced in that area.
His kindness and generosity in providing us with copies of the company catalog pages adds greatly to the appreciation of collecting foreign glassware!
ANTIGONE BROCKWITZ-Total height - 8 in.
Brockwitz Page #29 and ANTIGONE BROCKWITZ - Total height - 8 inches.
Brockwitz #44
Brockwitz Page #44.
TRIANDS Vase - 6 in. high, 5 in. top diam., 3.4 in. base.-MarigoldTRIANDS-8 in. -Brockwitz
TRIANDS pattern Vases.
Brockwitz #83
Brockwitz Page #83.
FOOTED PRISM PANELS -9.25 in. tall x 3.25 in. wide.
FOOTED PRISM PANELS - 9.25 in. tall x 3.25 in. wide.
Brockwitz Page #90 and CATHEDRAL CHALICE.
Left-CURVED STAR Chalice in Blue. Right-CURVED STAR CHALICE-Amethyst.
Left - CURVED STAR Chalice in Blue.
Right - CURVED STAR CHALICE in Amethyst.
CURVED STAR Cheese Dish.-Brockwitz
CURVED STAR Cheese Dish. - Brockwitz.
CURVED STAR 4.25 in. sq. bowl - Blue
CURVED STAR 4.25 in. sq. bowl - Blue.

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