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Hazel Atlas Glass Company

This company was formed in 1902 in Washington, PA, expanding to produce machine-made pressed glass. Their Depression Glass patterns included the noted Shirley Temple Ritz Blue Honeycomb cereal set, including a milk pitcher - 4 ¾” tall, a cereal bowl and a drinking mug. These pieces were prevalent during the 1930’s, and each one portrayed a likeness of the film star in white enamel. Depression-type glassware was of a more “practical” and utilitarian purpose, rather than decorative.

1927 CHECKERS Ashtray ad.
Checkers Ashtray

CHECKERS Ashtray: Advertised in green and golden iridescent, these ashtrays were part of the transition from carnival glass to Depression glass, when light green and pink glassware became the mode.

CHECKERS BOWL-Hazel  Atlas Glass
CHECKERS BOWL - Hazel  Atlas Glass.

CHECKERS Handled Bowl: 1 7/8 inches tall x 6 3/8 inches diameter.

CHECKERS 5 in. Bowl. & base of 4 and one-half in. CHECKERS Bowl.
CHECKERS 5 inch Bowl and base of 4 1/2 inch CHECKERS Bowl.

CHECKERS Bowl:  5”inch size, would be considered a small berry bowl.

CHECKERS Bowl:  This 4 1/2:” wide bowl is 2 ¾” deep. It has a 42 ray starburst on the bottom.

CHECKERS IceBox-Butter Dish-four and one half in. across X four and one half in. tall.Table butter dish-7.25 in.diam
CHECKERS Ice Box-Butter Dish - 4 1/2 in. across X 4 1/2 in. tall.
Table butter dish - 7.25 in. diameter.

CHECKERS Ice Box Butter Dish:  and  CHECKERS Table Butter Dish:  both of these butter dishes are certainly utilitarian items of the day

WINDMILL 8 in. Plate
WINDMILL 8 inch Plate.

WINDMILL Plate:  This 8” plate is essentially the CHECKERS pattern with a plus.

Marked HAZEL ATLAS-Mgld. Iridized CRUET-minus stopper -2.5 in. x 4.5 in.
Marked HAZEL ATLAS - Marigold.
Iridized CRUET- minus stopper - 2.5 in. x 4.5 in.

CRUET:  This is one of those items termed a “one-of-a-kind”. Better phrased: “probably tinkered with”. It had no stopper, but had met with “heated assistance”. The flattening process cancelled its usefulness. Did this marigold “whimsey” sell? Yes! It did not bring much money, but was purchased by a collector at the auction.

RINGS-late carnival
RINGS - late carnival.

RINGS:  One purpose for these 10”-12” jars was to cure pickles. Anyone who has ever lived on a farm, knows of this use, along with making sauerkraut.

1929 Ad for Diamond Point Columns.
DIAMOND POINT COLUMNS Berry Set & 7.5 in. Utility Bowl..
DIAMOND POINT COLUMNS Berry Set & 7.5 inch Utility Bowl.
DIAMOND POINT COLUMNS Butter & Creamer by Hazel-Atlas
DIAMOND POINT COLUMNS Butter & Creamer by Hazel-Atlas.

DIAMOND POINT COLUMNS: Utilitarian in design and purpose, these were early examples of the transition from carnival glass for viewing pleasure, to those early depression pieces designed for daily use in a kitchen. BERRY SET – BUTTER DISH – CREAMER – and UTILITY BOWL, 7 ½” diameter.

ROYAL LACE Compote-Hazel Atlas-1934-1941
ROYAL LACE Compote - Hazel Atlas -1934-1941.

ROYAL LACE is an example of designs which followed the carnival glass era into Depression glass, marketed both in irridized marigold and pastel shades of green and pink. This type of glassware was marketed beginning in 1932. Royal Lace, shown here in pink glass, is a design from the 1934 -1941 era.

Dean & Diane Fry – 5-09
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