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Fenton - Part 34
ACORN Bowl - Amber-7.75 in. diam.
ACORN Bowl - Amber - 7.75 inch diameter.
ACORN Bowl - Amber - Exterior
ACORN Bowl - Amber - Exterior.
ACORN Plate - 8 in. diam. in White
ACORN Plate - White -  8 inch diameter.
ACORN Plate Black Ameth.-8.50 in.First one known in this color
ACORN Plate Black Amethyst - 8.5 inch - First one known in this color.
ACORN- Mgld. over Moonstone-RARE
ACORN - Marigold over Moonstone - RARE.
Lime Green-Vaseline ACORN Bowl-7.50 in.Courtesy Reichel Auctions
 ACORN Bowl - Lime Green - Vaseline - 7.50 inch diameter.
Courtesy Reichel Auctions.
P.O.ACORN BowlPowder Blue ACORN Bowl
Acorn Bowls - Peach Opal and Powder Blue.

ACORN:  This pattern can be confused with Autumn Acorn. #835 ACORN lacks a leaf in center. At the time we presented a program for the Texas Convention in the late ‘80s, a cobalt blue 8” plate was the only example known in that shape. Since then, the white and amethyst plates have been presented for consumption, and like all things “unusual”, were garnered as “something no other collector has”!.........not realizing that when examining the exterior surface……a rather roughened and “different” texture existed from that found on the smooth, iridized surface of the bowls!  DANG! Another example of “made-over-madness-to-make-an-extra-buck”!
7”-9” ruffled and  ice cream shaped bowls in a multitude of colors were produced from 1910-1924. Buyer acceptability is the definitive answer to such production! Red could be claimed the most common color, but it came quite late in the era! Marigold, cobalt blue, and aqua are the most often found colors. Green, amber, and powder blue are scarce colors. Amber, amber opal, amberina, amethyst, black amethyst, lavender, lime, marigold/moonstone, peach opal, red slag and vaseline offer desirable options.

IRIS Compote-Cobalt Blue
IRIS Compote - Cobalt Blue.

IRIS Compote: This is another pattern introduced in 1910 and seen in the Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog. Basically, the buttermilk goblet mould was used for this compote. Occasionally, the IRIS design is found tucked inside the goblet shape, but usually a ruffled compote displays the design. Compote colors: Amethyst, blue, green, marigold and rarely-white.

FERN PANELS Hat-Marigold over Milk Glass.-Crimped edge
FERN PANELS Hat - Marigold over Milk Glass - Crimped edge - Interior.
FERN PANELS Exterior- Mgld. over Milk Glass
FERN PANELS Exterior - Marigold over Milk Glass.

FERN PANELS Hat:  This pattern could be considered a “curiosity”. I could find no reference to it in any of the 42 original Butler Bros. Catalogs researched to create the Butler Reprints. It is not illustrated in Wm. Heacock’s Fenton Glass-First Twenty-Five Years . Research reveals blue and marigold as basic colors produced, with an occasional marigold over moonstone example found. Very few turn up at auctions! Another noted strange factor: white and red hats were produced. The period of time involved could cover 12-15 years; yet so few are known in ANY color, that we must conclude the pattern to have been a near failure in terms of acceptance to the buying public!?

FRENCH KNOTS hat in Blue.Courtesy Joe Brennan
FRENCH KNOTS hat in Blue.
Courtesy Joe Brennan

FRENCH KNOTS Hat:  This is another Fenton pattern used only on the hat shape! It is not illustrated in Heacock’s Fenton Glass-The First Twenty-Five Years. It does appear in the Mid-Spring 1911 and Mid-Spring 1912 issues of Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalogs. Amethyst, blue, green, marigold and white are known colors. Edges can be crimped or ruffled, and a white example is known in a square shape. These hats are quite scarce. One has not sold at auction since 2011!

Dean & Diane Fry 1-15-13

Praise the LORD!
Praise the LORD, O my soul! While I live I will praise the LORD;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.
Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.
His spirit departs, he returns to his earth; in that very day his plans perish.
Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help,
whose hope is in the LORD his God, who made heaven and earth,
The sea, and all that is in them; who keeps truth forever,
who executes justice for the oppressed,
who gives food to the hungry. The LORD gives freedom to the prisoners.
The LORD opens the eyes of the blind;
the LORD raises those who are bowed down; the LORD loves the righteous.
The LORD watches over the strangers; He relieves the fatherless and widow;
but the way of the wicked He turns upside down.
The LORD shall reign forever—your God, O Zion, to all generations.
Praise the LORD!
(Psalm 146)

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