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Imperial - Part 29
IMPERIAL – Part 29

DAISY Basket in Helios Green and Smoke. 10 in. high with 3 in. base diam.
DAISY Basket in Helios Green and Smoke.
 10 inches high with 3 inch base diameter.
April 1929 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog
April 1929 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog.

DAISY basket:  This pattern is not difficult to locate in marigold, smoke or clambroth. It stands 9 ½” to 10 ½” tall. This design came late in the carnival glass era. The April 1929 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog carried the first ad. Beware: Reproductions during the 1960s and ‘70s are plentiful as well. They “should” be marked on the base with the IG trademark. New examples are in marigold, smoke, helios green, amber and ice blue.

Imperial Catalog Ad-WAFFLE BLOCK BasketWAFFLE BLOCK Basket -Teal or Helios,  Courtesy Onda Jenks
Left - Imperial Catalog Ad - WAFFLE BLOCK Basket.
Right - WAFFLE BLOCK Basket -Teal or Helios - Courtesy Onda Jenks.
WAFFLE BLOCK Basket- 10 in. high-Teal and Marigold
WAFFLE BLOCK Basket - 10 in. high - Teal & Marigold.

WAFFLE BLOCK basket: Waffle Block, as we know it, was called Monticello when Imperial produced it in crystal. It was given #698 in old Imperial catalogs. The carnival glass version has been found in 15 various shapes. The basket is 10” in height, not too difficult to locate in marigold or clambroth, but teal baskets are much more difficult to locate.

HOBSTAR & WAFFLE BLOCK Basket - 13 and one half in. tall,7 and one half in. across the front,5 in. across handles.
131/2 in. tall - 7 1/2 in. across the front - 5 inches across handles.

HOBSTAR and WAFFLE BLOCK basket:  Without question, this is one of the most rare Imperial baskets! Marigold, smoke, teal, and ice green are known colors.  It’s 13”-14” height creates a most impressive handled basket! We once owned a lovely marigold example, took it along for a presentation during the late ‘80s. When the program was over, a dear friend, who was quite elderly and frail, came to have a closer look; saying, “I have always wanted one of these, but have never been able to locate one.” I replied: “How would you like to take this one home with you?” Her eyes brightened with her smile of pleasure, and with that, our basket changed hands! She did not live to attend our next carnival glass meeting!!!! THIS, my friends, is precisely what carnival glass collecting/SHARING is all about!! ……………….and, no. We have not found another to replace that basket.

PLAIN JANE Basket - 9.75 in. tall. Smoke
PLAIN JANE Basket - 9.75 in. tall. Smoke.
PLAIN JANE Handled Baskets-Ameth. and Mgld
PLAIN JANE Handled Baskets - Amethyst and Marigold.

PLAIN JANE basket:  Handled Baskets display a faint Wide Panel design. These are 9 ¾” tall. Marigold, smoke, white, ice green and aqua are known colors. These baskets exhibit a stretch effect to the iridescence. A rare smoke bowl may be viewed in our 1910 IMPERIAL GLASS PATTERNS segment.
NOTE: Imperial purchased moulds from Heisey Glass. The marigold, amethyst and smoke Plain Jane baskets displayed in this segment display handles known to have been used by Heisey.  

Imperial Catalog #300
Imperial Catalog #300.
#300 PLAIN JANE Handled Basket, 9.75 in.-Rose Ice, White, IG
#300 PLAIN JANE Handled Basket, 9.75 in.- Rose Ice, White, IG.
Imperial #300 in Blue Ice and Smoke on the right.
Imperial #300 in Blue Ice and Smoke on the right.

#300 Imperial Catalog Ad and 3 baskets: The ad appears in the book on Imperial by Margaret and Douglas Archer, copyright 1978. The ads used in that book were taken from 1904-1938 Catalogs: 104F, 101D, Bargain Book, Cat. B. The catalog ad indicates sale of an assortment, which does not include the Pearl White basket. However, it is quite apparent that white was a part of that #300 color assortment.

10.5 in. Imperial WIDE PANEL Basket - Clambroth
10.5 in. Imperial WIDE PANEL Basket - Clambroth.

WIDE PANEL basket:  Although opinions vary as to which shapes having this characteristic “paneling” originate from Imperial production, we believe the clambroth coloration in this example clearly indicates them to be the maker.

Dean & Diane Fry

Again the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid;
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Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls,
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Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet that was cast into the sea and gathered some of every kind,
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but threw the bad away.

So it will be at the end of the age.
The angels will come forth, separate the wicked from among the just, and cast them into the furnace of fire.
There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
(Matthew 13:44:50)
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