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Imperial - Part 28
IMPERIAL – Part 28

Marigold 9 in. PLAIN JANE-1910 Production
Marigold 9 inch PLAIN JANE - 1910 Production.

PLAIN JANE Bowl:  Scarce 7”-9” bowls in marigold and smoke are to be found. Some of the smoke examples exhibit a lovely pink and peacock blue iridescence. An 18 pt. star moulded into the underside of the collar base is the only design other than the tiny ruffled edge. Handled Baskets display a faint Wide Panel design.  These are 9 ¾” tall. Marigold, smoke, white, ice green and aqua are known colors.  These baskets exhibit a stretch effect to the iridescence.  A rare smoke bowl may be viewed in our 1910 IMPERIAL GLASS PATTERNS segment.  

Vaseline HEAVY GRAPE Bowl-10x3.5 in.Courtesy Nona Nepstad
Vaseline HEAVY GRAPE Bowl - 10x3.5 inches.
Courtesy Nona Nepstad.

HEAVY GRAPE Bowls:  The 9”-10” bowls are found in marigold, purple, emerald, helios, smoke, light blue, amber, aqua, cobalt blue, green and vaseline!

11 in. Chop Plate-HEAVY GRAPE  -Amber and 9 in. plate in Smoke
11 in. Chop Plate - HEAVY GRAPE  in Amber and 9 in. plate in Smoke.
11.25 in. Amber Imperial HEAVY GRAPE Chop Plate-$225. 11-12 Seeck Auction. 9.25 in. Bowl-Smoke=Courtesy Burns Auction.
11.25 inch Amber Imperial HEAVY GRAPE Chop Plate - $225. 11-2012 Seeck Auction.
 9.25 inch Bowl - Smoke - Courtesy Burns Auction.

HEAVY GRAPE Chop Plates: Seems there is always another detail of carnival glass which has failed to draw attention these previous 60-70 years of interest in the subject! Heavy Grape is one of the more prevalent patterns by Imperial, and the 11” diameter chop plates having a 5” collar base have always been of key collector interest. Some have a plain exterior while others offer a quilted pattern. These 11”-12” chop plates are known in marigold, purple, emerald, helios, amber, smoke, white, ice green and green.
In Sept. 2012, Gary Lickver purchased one having a 13” diameter and a 6” collar base!
Is it possible the 10” -11” bowl, which has a 6” collar base, was flattened to create this chop plate??? Dugan accomplished this with their 10” Persian Garden bowl.  You can make some comparisons by clicking into HELIOS - Part 3  segment.

Lavender PANSY Breakfast Set.
Lavender PANSY Breakfast Set.
Spring 1915 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog.
Spring 1915 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog.

PANSY Breakfast Set:  Pansy pattern was listed as #478 in Imperial factory catalogs.  Purple sets are not easily accessed, but a marigold pair should not prove difficult to obtain.  The 1915 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad indicates marigold to have been produced well into the era when helios examples were marketed.  Amber is another color to look for. Perhaps more challenging, but surely worthwhile: a set in pastel aqua!

Oval PANSY Dresser Tray-Helios
Oval PANSY Dresser Tray - Helios.

Low Ruffled, Lavender PANSY Bowl
Low Ruffled, Lavender PANSY Bowl.

9 in. PANSY-Mgld. Burns Auctions
9 inch PANSY - Marigold. -  Courtesy Burns Auctions

PANSY Dresser Tray and Low-Ruffled Bowls:  The dresser trays display the design to nice advantage.  They were shaped from the oval pickle dish.  A flat dresser tray is one of the more difficult items to locate but marigold, helios and clambroth examples probably are the most often seen colors. Amber is scarce and purple examples are downright rare!  9 ½” low-ruffled bowls are found in marigold, purple, helios, smoke, lavender and ambler.

RED! FASHION Punch Cups! Courtesy Wroda Auctions
RED! FASHION Punch Cups! Courtesy Wroda Auctions.

FASHION Punch Cups:  Although Carl Burns reported in his 1996 Imperial Carnival Book that a complete punch set in red had been reported, no pictures of it have surfaced! Red cups sold in ’93 & ’97 at auction. 3 red cups sold over eBay in 2013 from Sweden for $885. One deep-round non-ruffled punch bowl exists, but all others are ruffled. Marigold Fashion punch sets are readily available, while purple and smoke sets are quite elusive!

Helios LOGANBERRY Water Bottle with (Adjusted) top.
Helios LOGANBERRY Water Bottle with (Adjusted) top.

LOGANBERRY Water Bottle:  10” vases in this pattern have a flared top opening. A purple vase having a ball-shaped top is known in purple.
(If you believe these ball-shaped tops were shipped from the factory as such, THAT is strictly YOUR point-of-view!  Knowing full-well how glass is (was) inspected BEFORE shipping, we firmly believe the necessary re-heating to alter the moulded shape has occurred sometime since, with the intent of mind to “create a scheme for making profit from a one-of-a-kind!”!)……..takes all kinds to make a world, you know.

8-9 in. WINDMILL- Emerald Green
8-9 inch WINDMILL bowl - Emerald Green.

WINDMILL Bowl:  A popular pattern, the  8”- 9” bowls were produced in marigold, purple, helios, emerald, smoke, clambroth, marigold on milk glass, and aqua. The 4”-5” bowls  are known in marigold, purple, helios, emerald and smoke.


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