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Millersburg - Part 20

COUNTRY KITCHEN Creamer & Spooner-Green
COUNTRY KITCHEN Creamer & Spooner - Green.

COUNTRY KITCHEN Creamer & Sugar: While very rare, the four-piece table set (butterdish, covered sugar bowl, spooner and creamer), is a very desirable addition to any collection! Complete sets are known in amethyst and marigold carnival glass. The covered sugar bowl and spooner are reported in iridized vaseline. These green examples should be considered quite scarce!

Green STRAWBERY WREATH 8 in. Sq. Bowl.$475. Seeck-7-12
STRAWBERY WREATH 8 inch Sq. Bowl - Green.
Sold for $475. Seeck Auction July 2012.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Sq. Bowl:  Marie McGee felt this pattern to be of the finest design detail, displaying the best of Millersburg’s glassmaking; true radium finish! Round, tri-cornered, and square bowls of various sizes are found, along with rare large ice cream shaped bowls. Several examples are known in vaseline Carnival. Purple is the easiest color to locate. Green and marigold Carnival examples are more difficult. A rare olive green has been reported.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Compote - Amethyst.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Compote:  These are 3 ¼” tall with a bowl 6” in diameter. Some have an unfinished leaf which is outlined and lacks stippling. Amethyst, green, and vaseline  examples have been noted with this type leaf. A whimsey compote having straight sides are known in green and marigold. These have the unfinished leaf. The exterior pattern is Wide Panel. A ruffled Vaseline compote and a green example having straight-up sides with the absentee leaf can be seen in our MILLERSBURG STEMS  segment.

10 in. Footed FLEUR de LIS Bowl.-Mgld
Footed FLEUR de LIS  10 inch Bowl in Marigold.
Vaseline FLEUR de LIS. $6,750-5-14
Vaseline FLEUR de LIS. Sold for $6,750 in May 2014.

FLEUR de LIS Bowls:  These have radium finish, and the Country Kitchen back pattern combine to create a beautiful addition to any collection. The Fleur de Lis pattern in also found on the interior of some Hobstar and Feather punch bowls. Only one Vaseline bowl has come to light, but a wide choice of bowls in several sizes and shapes are known in both satin and radium finish. Bowls having a collar base are not as plentiful as those having a domed base.

FINE CUT OVALS Sq. Bowl, Marigold.

FINE CUT OVALS:  This example in marigold is not discussed in Marie McGee’s Millersburg Book written in 1995! (Fine Cut Ovals is the exterior pattern found on Whirling Leaves bowls). IF these were of factory production, it seems logical to believe that at least one would have surfaced in prior years?  

HOBSTAR and FEATHER Creamer - Green.
HOBSTAR and FEATHER Spooner - Marigold.

HOBSTAR & FEATHER: This imitation cut pattern from 1909 was one of the first iridescent examples from Millersburg. All examples are thick, heavy glass, having deep color and good iridescence. Items from the four-piece table set are found in known colors from this company, but no complete sets in any given color have turned up. The butterdish, covered sugar and spooner are known in amethyst, and at least one green creamer is known. A couple of spooners have been reported in vaseline, along with a sugar lid. The spooner is known in marigold, along with an electric green spooner.

Blue PRIMROSE 9 in.IC shape Bowl. Courtesy Mike Cain.
Blue PRIMROSE 9 in.IC shape Bowl. Courtesy Mike Cain.

PRIMROSE Bowl:  This 10” bowl is often found in amethyst, green and marigold, having good color and iridescence. The Fine Cut Heart exterior design compliments the overall very nicely!  One vaseline banana boat whimsey exists, having a tightly crimped edge. Three examples in rare blue are known, with another reported. The blue bowls have six-ruffled, three and one edge and ice cream shape. Most examples in this pattern offer the satin finish.

9 in. IC shape Mgld. SEAWEED Bowl--Courtesy Jerry Smith.
9 inch IC shape Marigold SEAWEED Bowl--Courtesy Jerry Smith.

SEAWEED Bowl: Large 9 in. bowls in either ruffled or ice cream shape are difficult to find. They do display the design to best advantage! Amethyst, green and marigold, along with one known blue bowl are known in this ice cream shape. An aqua teal example has been reported.

Nesting Swan bowl - green, ruffled.

NESTING SWAN:  Amethyst, green and marigold are the typical carnival glass colors. Six-ruffled, 10” size, square, tri-cornered and candy ribbon edge  comprise the various shapes to be located. One vaseline and one blue bowl are confirmed. Most often seen in the 10” bowl having ruffled or candy ribbon edge. An extremely rare 8” round bowl is known. Green Swan bowls are known in tri-corner and square candy ribbon edge.

Ameth. TROUT & FLY 9 in. (plate)-$15,500-Seeck Aug. 2013
Amethyst TROUT & FLY 9 inch (plate) -
Sold for $15,500 - Seeck Auction Aug. 2013.

TROUT & FLY Plate:  Only a couple of flat plates in amethyst are known. The late Don Doyle owned one which sold in 1990. Although damaged, the beauty of design and the spectacular color adequately compensated.                     
Dean & Diane Fry, June 2014

LORD, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill?
He who walks uprightly, and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart;
He who does not backbite with his tongue, nor does evil to his neighbor,
nor does he take up a reproach against his friend;
In whose eyes a vile person is despised, but he honors those who fear the LORD;
He who swears to his own hurt and does not change; he who does not put out his money at usury,
Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things shall never be moved. (Psalm 15)
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