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Fenton - Part 31
FENTON  - Part 31
June 1917 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog
June 1917 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog.

We do not know who may have first called the pattern Prayer Rug, but that is the name applied in Book 8, marketed in 1968 by Mrs. Hartung. On page 45, she mentions that although Fenton was not one of the largest manufacturers of Custard Glass, the Prayer Rug design is thought to exist on several other shapes of custard glass. At that time, the bonbon she used for her drawing/article was the first she had seen with iridization applied.

As many of you are fully aware: Rabbi’s and Orthodox Jews wear a Prayer Shawl while teaching/studying/praying the word of God. There are knots in the fringes which advocate the Ten Commandments! We urge you to consider the distinct possibility that the design seen on these bonbons, creamer, plate, and whatever other shapes might be discovered is actually the inter-woven portrayal of two PRAYER SHAWLS rather than a Prayer Rug!   (The four sets of fringes, along with the blue stripes on each end indicate that.)
Seems much more accurate and realistic than calling it a rug??!! All things considered, and having examined the pattern thoroughly; we conclude that from now on, it shall be called PRAYER SHAWL!

Please let us know your thoughts!
PRAYER SHAWL Bonbon-$800. 5-26-12 Wroda Auction.
PRAYER SHAWL Bonbon - Sold for $800. on 5-26-12 - Wroda Auction.
PRAYER SHAWL Custard--(Glows)
PRAYER SHAWL Custard - Glows.
Fenton PRAYER SHAWL Creamer-Marigold overlay on Custard Glass-Courtesy Mickey R.
Fenton PRAYER SHAWL Creamer -
Marigold overlay on Custard Glass -
Courtesy Mickey R.

PRAYER SHAWL Creamer: This shape is elusive. Nearly as rare, is the bonbon. The scarf-like design applications around the outer edges leave a plain  center area. The iridization is slight on most examples. Base glass is custard, as seen on this very rare/unusual creamer. The marigold overtones leave something to be desired. This creamer surfaced on eBay in 2012, and is the first we have seen in our many years of collecting. There is one known 7” plate in the pattern. Bonbons are quite elusive. When the marigold overlay is adequate and displays no obvious spotting, the auction price can be impressive. This latest example to surface brought $800 in a 2012  Wroda sale.

CUT ARCS - Green 8 in. Bowl. Irid. interior.
CUT ARCS - Green 8 inch Bowl - Iridized interior.
CUT ARCS-8.25 in.diam. iridized-unpatterned interior!
CUT ARCS - 8.25 inch diameter iridized - unpatterned interior!
9 in. CUT ARCS Ext. Pattern
CUT ARCS - 9 inch bowl -  Exterior Pattern.

CUT ARCS:  This pattern is given little credit, possibly by reason of its scarcity. The CRE green example seen here, along with another green having a 3/1 edge may be the only ones known?? Whether green or marigold, these bowls result in selling for little more than $25-$30! For whatever the reason: exterior patterns receive little recognition from collectors.

ORANGE TREE (footed) WITH GOLD TRIM-$150. Seeck Auction-7-10
ORANGE TREE (footed) White with GOLD TRIM -
Sold for$150. Seeck Auction - 7- 2010.
Pale IG ORANGE TREE breakfast sugar
Pale Ice Green ORANGE TREE breakfast sugar.

(Footed) ORANGE TREE Table Set:  These are susceptible to damage and most difficult to collect without willingness to accept as such. It’s enough challenge to locate the four elements together! A blue set sold at auction in 2000. Three marigold sets have sold since 2007. A white set with gold trim brought $5,000 in 2007! The $150. paid for the set pictured here, is good indication of damage to feet.

ORANGE TREE Breakfast Sugar: The two-piece breakfast sets are known in amethyst, blue, marigold and white. A single aqua opal open sugar is on record, and now we have this very pale ice green example to further extend the possibility of “experimentation”!

LEAF TIERS table set.
Leaf Tiers table set.

LEAF TIERS Table Set: Scarcity of complete sets very likely is the result of use associated with breakage of the feet. Marigold is the only color known in these sets, and although marigold berry sets were produced, they are virtually never seen in today’s world.

CHERRY CHAIN Ameth. 9 in. Seeck Auction
Cherry Chain bowl - Amethyst -  9 inch - Seeck Auction.

CHERRY CHAIN Bowl:  Only a couple of red 9” bowls are known in this pattern, but amethyst is certainly not plentiful. Blue, green, marigold, Vaseline and white are additional colors found in the pattern. Orange Tree is the exterior pattern. Year of production introduction is not known.

Lime Green Base glass--PERSIAN MEDALLION Bonbon.
Lime Green Base glass - PERSIAN MEDALLION Bonbon.

PERSIAN MEDALLION Bonbon:  Although lime green is a possibility, if a black light were applied, we might discover this to be Vaseline? Amber is a rare color, along with amberina , celeste , sapphire and moonstone. Amethyst is considered scarce. Aqua, blue, powder blue, green, marigold, and red are other known colors.

Dean & Diane Fry, 9-12

“Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.”  Plautus (c.254-184 BC)

Patience is such a valued attribute for the servant of God, if is found throughout the Scriptures.
Sometimes it is seen in failures and loss created by human impatience.
More commonly we find it marked by its rewards.  Consider the following:
Patience leads to earthly benefits. (Job 42:10)
Patience provides us a better end than the present.  (Eccl. 7:8) (Romans 2:6-7)
Patience allows us to bear fruit from seeds of faith.  (Luke 8:15)
Patience wins the approval of God. (Psalms 40:1) (1 Peter 2:20)
Patience makes us a good example for others. (2 Thessalonians 1:4)
Patience perfects our character. (James 1:4)
Patience provides health for our souls. (Luke 21:19)
Patience gives us hope (Romans 15:4)
Patience provides us with God’s power. (Col.1:10-11)
Patience enables us to inherit God’s promises. (Hebrews 6:11-12)

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