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Imperial - Part 27
IMPERIAL – Part 27
STAR & FILE Champagne - 5 in. high x 4 in. diam.
STAR & FILE Champagne - 5 in. high x 4 in. diameter.
STAR & FILE Cordials.
STAR & FILE Cordials.

STAR & FILE Champagne & Cordials:  The marigold application found on these stemmed pieces appear to be from the experimental process we discussed in the Millersburg - Part 12 segment, called Lustre Ware; (application of marigold with a “brush” before the first firing.) The Champagne was sold at a local Indianapolis auction. The two Cordials were a part of the recently sold Rinehart collection, so they had been “tucked away” for many years!

STARSPRAY-Imperial Catalog 104A
STARSPRAY - Imperial Catalog 104A.
7 in. STARSPRAY Plate in mgld.
7 inch STARSPRAY Plate in marigold.
STARSPRAY-Mgld.& Smoke 6 in. diameter
STARSPRAY in Marigold& Smoke -  6 in. diameter.

STAR SPRAY Plate:  There are also smoke plates known in this pattern. Few examples in this pattern are found in today’s world of collecting, and sad to say, little value is placed on them.

STAR SPRAY Bowls:  Marigold and Smoke are known colors in this 6” small berry bowl. The #104A Imperial Catalog indicates the finish to be fire polished in the crystal production of the pattern. Dozens of carnival glass auctions come and go without any examples of this pattern!

STARSPRAY Bowl in Smoke - 7.5 in. within metal holder.
STARSPRAY Bowl in Smoke - 7.5 in. within metal holder.

STAR SPRAY Bride’s Basket:  Metal working firms are known to have purchased certain glass examples for insertion into specially made metal holders in order to induce sales. A certain quantity of these bowls were very likely purchased for that purpose, creating a nice Bride’s Basket for mints, jelly, etc. Marigold and smoke are known colors of the 6 in. round bowls.

WIDE PANEL Cruet -7 in. to top of stopper.Said to the only known
WIDE PANEL Cruet - 7 in. to top of stopper.Said to the only known.

WIDE PANEL Cruet:  Suggested as an Imperial product, although only three examples have sold since 1996. Two differing stoppers have been seen.

Large size Green (Helios) OCTAGON Compote  -Courtesy-Annie T.
Large size Green (Helios) OCTAGON Compote  - Courtesy-Annie T.

OCTAGON (Large Size Stemmed Compote):  Marigold and purple have been known colors for some years, but green (helios) had not been reported until the photo of this example was submitted to us in 2013. Since we could not examine the compote, it is not known whether it might possibly be from the reproduction years, having had the identifying mark removed?

ZIPPERED HEART Whimsey. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
ZIPPERED HEART Whimsey. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
ZIPPERED HEART Vase-5 in. Vase-Very Rare!$375. Remmen Auctions 11-11.
ZIPPERED HEART Vase - 5 in. Vase - Very Rare!
Sold for $375. Remmen Auctions 11-2011.
April 1906 Butler Bros. Catalog
April 1906 Butler Bros. Catalog.

ZIPPERED HEART:   Twenty-One different shapes are illustrated in non-iridized crystal. Imperial factory catalogs listed the pattern as their #292. Range of colors in the five carnival shapes is very limited and are rare in any color. The 5” rose bowl is known in marigold, the giant rosebowl in emerald, a 5” vase in marigold, Queen’s vase-purple and emerald. The 5” and 10” bowls are found in marigold and purple.

The giant rose bowl is listed in factory catalogs in non-iridized crystal, as a punch bowl as well. We have handled one at Christy’s Auction House. The glass is ½” thick, and ever so slightly cupped in at the opening, which is at least 10” in diameter. Depth would be approximately 10”.  None have been reported in carnival. Question: Knowing what we do about the Texas Mineral Bath, this piece certainly appears to have experienced that treatment! What do you think? SURELY you will ALL agree that it does NOT measure up to Imperial marigold!! The “peculiar” edge crimp also creates a suspicious “home-made-effect”, directed toward those inclined to pay dramatic sums for a “one-of-a-kind!” LOL!

Shell in marigold.

SHELL:  The  6 ½” – 7” bowls in marigold, helios and purple,  along with 8” – 9” bowls in marigold, helios, purple, smoke and amber, as well as 9” plates in marigold, helios, purple and smoke are without the stippled background found on Shell and Sand examples. Most offer the typical magnificent Imperial iridescence. The helios production was called “silver green” in an Oct. 1918 Catalog ad.

STAR of DAVID with ARCS Exterior-Purple
STAR of DAVID with ARCS Exterior - Purple.

STAR OF DAVID:  These 8”-9” bowls known in marigold, purple, helios.  Arcs design is found on the exterior surface. Purple bowls are found more often than helios, with marigold examples scarcely ever seen. Smoke has been reported, but none are on record as having sold at auctions over the past 40 years!

The ARCS pattern is also found on the exterior of Cobblestones bowls.

Dean & Diane Fry – Aug. 2013

For you were once darkness,  but now you are light in the Lord.
Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth),
Finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.
But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.
Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light”.
(Ephesians 5:8-14)
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