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Covered Candy Containers - Part 2
Covered Candy Containers - Part 2

Courtesy Dave & Renee Shetlar
Courtesy Dave & Renee Shetlar
Fenton Topaz #636-1 lb. Covered Candy-Circa 1921Topaz Northwood 636-1 lb.-10.5 in. tall
Left - Fenton Topaz #636 -1 lb. Covered Candy-Circa 1921.
Right - Topaz Northwood #636 -1 lb.-10.5 inches tall.
Topaz irid.Pg. 66-Fenton Glass-The First Twenty-Five Years
Topaz irid. - Pg. 66 - Fenton Glass - The First Twenty-Five Years.
#636-1 lb.N. Blue IridNorthwood #636 Russett irid.-1 l#636-1 lb. N. Russett
#636 - 1 lb Covered Candy Containers in Iridized Blue and Russet.

636-1 lb.Mandarin Red candy jar. 10.5 in.-almost identical to NFenton #636-1 lb.- Florentine Green
#636 - 1 lb Candy Container in Mandarin Red and Florentine Green.
Northwood #659-Half lb. candy jar in iridized Ivory659-Half lb.Northwood-RussetBlue Iridescent Northwood 659-Half lb
#659 - Northwood, 1/2 lb Iridized Covered Candy Containers in Ivory, Russet and Blue.

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