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Argentina Carnival Glass - Part 3
Argentina Carnival Glass - Part 3

Some of the carnival glass patterns made by countries south of the USA.
The patterns shown are:  Beetle Ashtray, CR Ashtray, Firestone Ashtray,
Goodyear Ashtray, Naranja - Sacic - Pomelo Ashtray, Ganador Tumbler
and Lules Plate.

BEETLE ASHTRAY-Blue-circa 1925-$900.7-1 6.25 in. high  x  1 & on-eighth in. high.
BEETLE ASHTRAY - Blue - circa 1925.
Sold for $900. July-2012 -- 6.25 in. diameter  x  1 1/8 in. high.
BEETLE ASHTRAY-circa 1925 - 6.25 in. x one and one-eighth in. high. Cobalt Blue
BEETLE ASHTRAY-circa 1925.
6.25 in. x 1 1/8 in. high. Cobalt Blue.
BEETLE Ashtray in marigold.
BEETLE Ashtray in marigold.
CR Ashtray
CR Ashtray in Blue.

CR Ashtray in marigold
CR Ashtray in marigold.
FIRESTONE Heavy Duty Gum Dipped
FIRESTONE Heavy Duty Gum Dipped Ashtray.
FIRESTONE Industria Argentina
FIRESTONE Industria Argentina.
GOODYEAR Ashtray. Center glass is 3.2 in. in diam. Wheel is 5.5 in. diam..
 Center glass is 3.2 in. in diam. Wheel is 5.5 in. diameter.

NARANJA - SACIC - POMELO - 4.25 in. diam
NARANJA - SACIC - POMELO - 4.25 in. diameter.
GANADOR Tumbler-3.5 in. tall. C. 1930
GANADOR Tumbler - 3.5 in. tall. C. 1930.
LULES  by Piccardo in Argentina-7.5 in. diam. Plate.
LULES  by Piccardo in Argentina - 7.5 in. diam. Plate.
LULES Plate Exterier
LULES Plate Exterier.

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