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Fenton Stag and Holly
Fenton - STAG & HOLLY

Spring 1915 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog
Spring 1915 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog.

The ball-footed Stag & Holly bowl was given #1608 in Fenton records. #1606 was applied to the “variant” with spade-like feet. The design appeared in 1915 Butler Bros. Catalog Ads. Based on quantity of the pattern in today’s market, it apparently sold with equal success to Dragon & Lotus and Grape & Cable, marketed at the same time. It offers a pleasant departure from all the Peacocks!........Simply could NOT let that one slip past! Smile!

A perfect example of Fenton POWDER BLUE base color!
A perfect example of Fenton POWDER BLUE base color!

Regarding POWDER BLUE:  In a private conversation with Frank Fenton, the question asked: “How was powder blue achieved? Frank’s answer: “Too much stabilizer in the mix produced powder blue. It was never intended as a color range to be had; and the marigold overlay was what would normally have been put on the clear glass.”
Only the STAG & HOLLY ruffled bowls in 10”-11” size are listed as found in powder blue.

GORGEOUS Green STAG & HOLLY 9 in. bowl.Is green as rare as red!
GORGEOUS Green STAG & HOLLY 9 in. bowl. Is green as rare as red?
9 in. Red STAG & HOLLY-Spatula Fee
9 inch Red STAG & HOLLY - Spatula Feet.

GREEN versus RED? Auction reports over time would indicate that green bowls are likely a close runner-up in rarity status. Red 7”-8” Spatula ftd., ruffled,  or IC shaped bowls are the extent to which the color is found in pure form. Ruffled 10”-11” bowls are listed in amberina/red and red slag.
Green examples are known in ruffled and IC shaped 10”-11” bowls, along with 7”-8” bowls having spatula feet. There is also a green nutbowl shape known.

Hong Kong Special-9 in. STAG & HOLLY bowl.
Hong Kong Special - 9 in. STAG & HOLLY bowl.

The latest Hong Kong Special!- AA Imports-reported 7-5-09.
The latest Hong Kong Special! -  AA Imports - reported 7-5-09.

Stag & Holly REPRODUCTIONS:  AA Imports such as those seen here are of heavier glass, the feet are not quite the same as on the vintage Fenton examples, (stubbier) and the center marie is slightly smaller. In addition to the red and white opal examples, there is also a very dark blue repro.

Celeste Stag and Holly bowl.

Celeste STAG & HOLLY:  We were contacted by Don Ruppel on July 7, 2011 with photos of a round spatula footed bowl, along with thoughts that it could be the “first” of its kind, but we already had photos of one such “nut bowl” in celeste, sent much earlier by an unknown owner.
Celeste has only been found in 7”-8” spatula footed bowls. They can be ruffled or IC shape.
STAG & HOLLY in Lime Green
STAG & HOLLY in Lime Green.

Lime Green {or{ Vaseline?:  At first glance, lime green seems the appropriate color designation. (It has the marigold iridescence.) The question is: if a black light were applied, would it glow, making it Vaseline?
 (Some of the bowls in Stag & Holly pattern which are labeled “Vaseline”, are more in the category of the “Transparent Emerald Green” stated in Butler Bros. Catalog Ads; accompanying “Rose Pink”, indicating them to be part of the early Depression Glass patterns). We will present a segment surrounding those After Glow-type items when we have no more “carnival- glass- as –we- know- it” to discuss.

Mgld. 9 in. STAG & HOLLY Spatula ftd. plate
Marigold 9 inch STAG & HOLLY Spatula ftd. plate.
Mgld. STAG & HOLLY Ball ftd. 9.5 in. diam.
Marigold STAG & HOLLY Ball ftd. 9.5 in. diameter.

9” Plates having spatula feet are found in amethyst, blue, marigold and smoke. Marigold  being the bedrock of iridized glass that it is, follows that standard in STAG & HOLLY pattern! 7”-8” spatula footed/ruffled/ IC shaped bowls, ruffled/IC shaped bowls, along with some 10”-11” chop plates only found in marigold, complete the spectrum. (You may view a chop plate by clicking into our pattern list (-S-).

STAG & HOLLY 9 in. Bowl in Aqua-Scarce base glass color in this pattern
STAG & HOLLY 9 inch Bowl in Aqua - Scarce base glass color in this pattern.

STAG & HOLLY IC Shaped Bowl in Aqua - 10.5 in. diameter
STAG & HOLLY IC Shaped Bowl in Aqua - 10.5 in. diameter.

Aqua STAG & HOLLY is on the scarce to rare side, but with some search can be found in 7”-8” spatula footed/ruffled/IC shaped bowls, or 10”-11” ruffled or IC shaped bowls, along with an occasional nut bowl shape.

*Additional colors/shapes in this popular pattern which we have not discussed:  
Nut bowl shape: Amethyst spatula ft., Blue ball ft., Mgld. ball ft., Mgld. spatula ft.
 7”-8” spatula ft.-ruffled or IC shape:  Amethyst, Blue, Lavender, Smoke.  
Rose bowls (giant): Blue, Mgld.
Rose bowls (Spat. Ft.): Blue.   10”-11”
IC shaped bowls: Amber, Amberina, Amethyst, Black Amethyst, Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Marigold/Moonstone, Oxblood, Pink, Smoke, Vaseline.
10”-11” ruffled bowls:  Amber, Amberina, Amberina red slag, Amethyst, Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Pink, Smoke.
7”-8” spatula ft. , ruffled, or IC shaped: Amethyst, Blue, Lavender, Smoke

Dean & Diane Fry, 8-12

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