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Millersburg - Part 18

CLEVELAND MEMORIAL ASHTRAY-Marigold.-Courtesy Christina Katsikas
Courtesy Christina Katsikas

CLEVELAND  MEMORIAL  ASHTRAY:  Considering the fact that the Cleveland Industrial Exposition was held in June of 1909, the most likely scenario is that this piece was manufactured as a souvenir of that occasion. The late John Resnik mentions that in his Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, having spoken with an 89 year old gentleman who remembered his father purchasing one of these ashtrays at the Exposition. Reports indicate there may be as many as ten examples in purple, with perhaps four or five in marigold.
Much detail is included in this rather small commemorative! It is only 5 ¼” wide, or if measured diagonally, 6 ½” from point to point. The scenes are so tiny and intricate, making it difficult to read without close-up pictures to elaborate the overall. Christina Katsikas has provided the necessary “close-up” views of her marigold example, for appreciation of each section, along with some background history of the memorials portrayed.

Garfield’s Tomb

This life-size sandstone statue GARFIELD STATUE is housed inside GARFIELD’S TOMB CLEVELAND, O. This scene is pictured in the center of the ashtray. James Garfield, our 20th President served only two hundred days in office before he died in 1881 from a gunshot wound in his back, inflicted by a disappointed office seeker. Construction of this 180 ft. tall monument was begun in 1885 and completed by 1890. It became America’s first true mausoleum, combining both tomb and memorial functions.


The SOLDIERS AND SAILORS MONUMENT CLEVELAND, O. is the city’s major Civil War Memorial dedicated on July 4th, 1894. The shaft is 110 ft. high, capped by a 15 ft. high Statue of Liberty. This is surrounded by four groupings of bronze sculptures representing the four main armed services: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Navy. Total cost at that time was $280,000.

Superior’s Viaduct Cleveland, O.

SUPERIOR’S VIADUCT CLEVELAND, O. This bridge required three years to build. It was completed in 1878, connecting Superior Ave. East to Detroit Ave. West. It is 1,382’ long and 72’ high. Total cost was 2.17 million dollars.


CHAMBER of COMMERCE CLEVELAND, O. was built in 1898 and demolished in 1955.

Exterior- Circular Marie extends from base
Exterior - Circular Marie extends from base.

Base glass is clear, with a slight rise in the round support base. The circular shape of the base provides equal stability for such an uneven outer perimeter of this piece.

POPPY Compote in Marigold
POPPY Compote in Marigold.

POPPY Compote-Amethyst-Potpourrie Exterior.
POPPY Compote - Amethyst - Potpourrie Exterior.

POPPY Compote: Two shapes are found in this pattern. Seen most often is the 6” tall example, having a 7” diameter deep bowl with a slightly flared-out edge. The base of the stem is a small design of the Potpourri pattern. All of these are in the radium finish.
The compote having the flattened top is quite rare. It stands 6” high, with a bowl which is flattened. The edges of the bowl stand upright! The bowl is about 8” deep. Known colors: one amethyst, two green, and one marigold. Marigold is more difficult to locate in both varieties.

POTPOURRI Rosebowl-Green-1st one known!.
POTPOURRI Rosebowl - Green - 1st one known!.

POTPOURRI Exterior pattern of POPPY Compote.Ameth
POTPOURRI -  Exterior pattern of POPPY Compote - Amethyst.

POTPOURRI Compote - Mgld
POTPOURRI Compote - Marigold.

POTPOURRI Compote:  At the time the late Marie McGee wrote her wonderful Millersburg Glass Book in 1995, only a couple of marigold examples were known. The early 2000 years brought to light the first known green compote! Comprised of an interesting imitation cut design, coupled with super color, this is one of Millersburg’s most desirable rarities. One sold in 1990 for $1,000; another for $2,450 in 1993.

Dean & Diane Fry – Aug. 2013

If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight,
Give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you
which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you. (Exodus 15:26)

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