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Fenton - Part 28
FENTON – Part 28

Red PLAID 9 in. BowlPLAID - These are usually ruffled. IC shaped Blue bowls are scarce
Red and Blue PLAID Bowls. . Ice Cream shaped Blue bowls are scarce.
11 inch Amethyst PLAID Low Bowl - Sold for $900. in April 2010.
Marigold PLAID Bowl.
Marigold PLAID Bowl.
Green PLAID Bowl-9 in
Green PLAID Bowl - 9 inch.
Exterior-Emerald Green PLAID Bowl
Exterior - Emerald Green PLAID Bowl.

PLAID – None of the colors appear very often in the frequent course of carnival glass auctions! The pattern came into being about 1920 and continued beyond the carnival glass era in the form of “Marvelous” Rose-Pink. Carnival glass disappeared from the Butler Catalogs in 1930.
Bowl shapes in amethyst, blue, green, marigold and red Plaid examples were produced, with some in ice cream shape, some ruffled, with an occasional square shape. A few plates are known in marigold, blue and amethyst.
It is interesting to note that of the few known red examples in this pattern, the majority have been found in the Pacific NW and in the Western provinces of Canada. Perhaps the salesman in that area made the most convincing “sales pitch”.
The rarest color is celeste. You may view an example by clicking into our (Fenton – Part 12 ). Glen Thistlewood displayed their example in this color on the Dec. 30, 2011 mailing list; explaining that Charles Pratt, an agent in England was responsible for selecting carnival glass imports into the UK from U.S. factories. He described the Plaid color (in 1925) as “a new celeste blue, having a kind of satin sheen finish.”

ORANGE TREE Breakfast Set-White - $125. 2-10 Wroda Sale
ORANGE TREE Breakfast Set-White - $125. 2-10 Wroda Sale.
Lt. Blue ORANGE TREE Shaving Mug
Lt. Blue ORANGE TREE Shaving Mug.
ORANGE TREE Footed Tumbler-White-RARE! Courtesy Wroda Auctions.
ORANGE TREE Footed Tumbler - White - RARE!
Courtesy Wroda Auctions.

ORANGE TREE: This represents one of the most widely accepted patterns from Fenton! Produced over a long period of time and utilizing shapes with a need and demand which apparently appealed to a wide range of public use. The fact that production extended into the late years of carnival glass, when white became popular,  indicates a long term demand for the shapes/patterns.
This shaving mug has a 3” base. Amber, amethyst, aqua, blue, green, lime green, marigold, red and vaseline are known colors.
The breakfast set  is found in amethyst, blue, marigold and white.
Referred to as Footed Orange Tree, berry sets, water sets and table sets are found. Footed tumblers are known in blue, marigold and white. It becomes difficult to find items in this footed design not having damaged feet.

BUTTERFLIES Bonbon - Green.
BUTTERFLIES Bonbon in Amethyst.7.25 in.wide.
BUTTERFLIES Bonbon in Amethyst. - 7.25 in.wide.
Contemporary BUTTERFLIES - Ice Blue.
Contemporary BUTTERFLIES - Ice Blue.

BUTTERFLIES Bonbon:  Amethyst, green, blue, and marigold are the traditional colors. A few Amethyst and green examples are found to have Horlacher advertising within the marie.  Fenton re-issued the pattern during the ‘70s. Those have the Fenton trademark and are usually square in shape. Amethyst, red and ice blue are known to exist. There may be other colors as well.

Dean & Diane Fry, 8-12

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