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Northwood - Part 21

Lime Green Opal LEAF & BEADS Rosebowl.
Lime Green Opal LEAF and BEADS Rosebowl.
Northwood LEAF and BEADS in White.
SUNFLOWER Interior of Amethyst Leaf and Beads Bowl
SUNFLOWER Interior of Amethyst Leaf and Beads Bowl.

LEAF & BEADS: Lengthy in its production run, it first appeared in opalescent colors in 1906. Iridized production began circa 1908 – 1909. Moulds were also used to create the LOVELY interior examples. 1914-1916 found the moulds in use to create custard glass. During the 1919-1920 period, Northwood utilized the pattern in iridized and non-iridized colors, so the moulds were utilized over a very lengthy period of time! Dome - footed bowls of 7”- 8”, usually having a plain interior, in marigold, amethyst, and green, along with a 9” dome-footed plate in green seem scarce. Rosebowls having scalloped top, plain, or rayed interior are most often found, since the vast color assortment will please many tastes! Marigold, amethyst, green, aqua, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, ice green, aqua opalescent, russet, sapphire blue, teal, smoke, lavender, Renninger blue, ice blue opalescent, ice green opalescent, lime green opalescent………and on occasion: nutmeg stain over pearlized custard!  Of course it may require several dozen years of effort to attain all of them! (smile)
There is also a rosebowl with sunflower interior: marigold, amethyst, green, russet, sapphire blue, teal. A rosebowl having a beaded top: marigold, and cobalt blue, along with a rosebowl shape with smooth top in marigold, amethyst, and pearlized custard are to be found. Other shapes within this pattern: Footed Nutbowl: marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, aqua opalescent, and last but not least: Footed, ruffled bowl: marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white……Please check our pattern index under -- L -- for additional examples in this pattern / shape!

LOVELY-$1350 was paid for this Amethyst example!
LOVELY - $1350 was paid for this Amethyst example!

LOVELY:  Although this pattern is said to be available in marigold, we have not observed one in our many years of collecting! This particular circular example in amethyst displays the pattern so elegantly, that we decided to display it to emphasize the scarcity of the pattern, along with the fact that the exterior offers the Leaf and Beads design, verifying manufacture by Northwood. (You may view a green bowl and a triangular shaped example by checking our pattern alphabet, clicking into -- L -- .)

White N. PEACH Berry Set-Gold Trim-$180.-Wroda Auction-11-12-11
White Northwood PEACH Berry Set with Gold Trim.
Sold for$180 . -Wroda Auction - 11-12-2011.

PEACH Berry Set:  We wonder how long it took to accumulate this lovely set? Is it possible a complete set such as this could have been preserved over the years? Cobalt blue, white and sapphire blue are known colors for sets in the pattern, with a single small bowl reported in marigold.

PEACH Pitcher and Tumbler.
PEACH Pitcher and Tumbler.

PEACH Water Set: The blue water set is not often seen. While there are both blue and white water sets (you may view a white set by going to our Northwood Water Sets - Part 5,) they are certainly not plentiful! Only a handful of marigold tumblers exist, with no known matching pitcher! (You may view a tumbler by clicking into: In Memory of Cecil Whitley). During 1911-1912, Northwood made a full line of Peach in berry, table and water sets. Mystery and inconsistencies surround efforts to understand why such a brief production period and the fact that only bits and pieces of those sets can be found in today’s world? Many of the white pieces offer the fired-on gold application. Many large auctions come and go without examples of this pattern!

7.5 in. Green FRUITS & FLOWERS VT
7.5 inch Green FRUITS and FLOWERS Variant.
Horehound Fruits and Flowers.

FRUITS & FLOWERS - FRUITS & FLOWERS VT.:  You will find a segment by this name for further research into the patterns - Northwood Fruits and Flowers. These two examples offer use of marigold overlay on green base glass and rare horehound glass, both of which are highly desirable items for “pattern collectors”.

N. #708 SPINDLE-Russett-8.75 in. tall-Courtesy J & C Curtis.
N. #708 SPINDLE in Russett.
Courtesy J & C Curtis.

SPINDLE Candlestick:  This Northwood pattern is also known as their #708. Diamond and Imperial Glass also produced a similar example. Jerry calls this Russett in color. Interestingly, many carnival glass collectors enjoy the various candlesticks. They are essentially in the classification of stretch glass. The various shapes add a nice dimension to bowls, plates and water sets and the other shapes of glass we enjoy.

N. STIPPLED RAYS in electric cobalt blue
Northwood STIPPLED RAYS in electric cobalt blue.

STIPPLED RAYS Bowl:  While we have an array of items in this pattern already on display for viewers, this cobalt blue example could not be overlooked! It’s a WINNAH!! In anyone’s view! There are Stippled Rays and THEN there are Stippled Rays of the highest order!..........THIS IS IT!! Agreed?

IB Ribbed TORNADO-Lg. Size N
Ice blue Ribbed TORNADO vase.

TORNADO Vase:  The ribbed version of Tornado vases is difficult to find in any color; marigold, amethyst, cobalt blue, white, but the ice blue examples are confined to three or four! In years past, one could sell for as much as $6500! Please have a look at our segment TORNADO VASES for several other shapes and colors within this popular spectrum.

You just (thought) you'd seen ALL the Good Lucks!!- 3 in. round
You just (thought) you'd seen ALL the Good Lucks!! - 3 in. round.

GOOD LUCK pen holder:  Cleverly ground center of bowl or plate.  More than $100. was paid for it on eBay. Handiwork with a “profit margin”!  Except for the time and effort to grind and polish the marie area of a former bowl or plate, these might have become an overall collector’s treasure, had they been a product from the Northwood factory?                              

Dean & Diane Fry, 3-13

The sun also rises, and the sun goes down. The wind whirls about continually…..
There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:5-6, 9)
Ecclesiastes is a warning that if we reject God and live as if everything were “under the sun”,
 we are a lost generation whose “fiestas” merely distract us from the futility of life.
But when we develop God’s vision for our lives ---
His plan and purpose --- everything changes. Our daily mood and morale soars.
We can say, “The Son also rises, with healing in His wings.”
And because He lives, we live also.

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