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Imperial - Part 22
IMPERIAL – Part  22

Seen in Archer book on Imperial Glass
Seen in Archer book on Imperial Glass.
OPTIC & BUTTONS Hotel Set. Courtesy Gerald Welsh & Candy Brockmeyer.
Courtesy Gerald Welsh & Candy Brockmeyer.

OPTIC & BUTTONS Salt has Iron Cross trademark
OPTIC and BUTTONS Salt has Iron Cross trademark.

OPTIC and BUTTONS Cup and Sauce
OPTIC and BUTTONS Cup and Sauce.

OPTIC & BUTTONS 8 in. Bowl
OPTIC and BUTTONS 8 in. Bowl.

OPTIC and BUTTONS:  This Imperial factory catalog #582 experienced open stock production spanning nearly 20 years in non-iridized crystal. Wholesalers and retailers could order any quantity of design variety desired. Large supplies were kept on hand and production provided a wide selection. In fact, there are 28 different shapes in non-iridized crystal displayed in old catalogs.
Many of the 16 known carnival glass shapes offer the Imperial Cross mark. The Open salt and the similarly shaped nut cup are very rare, along with the Hotel Sugar and Creamer. The two styles in tumblers are also quite rare. Water pitcher, stemmed goblet and smaller wine, along with the cup and saucer are scarce.
Gerald Welsh and Candy Brockmeyer found this set of Hotel Creamer/Sugar in Sept. 2011. Each example is 4 1/8” tall. The creamer is 3 ½” in diameter, while the sugar is 3 5/8” in diameter. It measures 3 7/8” handle to handle.
The five shapes listed below are pertinent to the items pictured in this segment.

Bowl, round, 5” - marigold, clambroth
Bowl, round, 8” – marigold, clambroth, pastel lavender
Bowl, round, two-handled – marigold, clambroth
Rose bowl – marigold, clambroth
Water picher – marigold, clambroth
Tumbler, two styles – marigold, clambroth
Stemmed compote – marigold, clambroth, pastel lavender
Stemmed goblet – marigold, clambroth
Stemmed hotel creamer – clambroth/marigold (we’ll let viewers decide)
Stemmed hotel sugar – clambroth/marigold (we’ll let viewers decide)
Stemmed wine – marigold, clambroth
Open salt, two-handled, 5” - marigold
Cup and saucer – marigold, clambroth
Plate, 6” – marigold, clambroth, smoke
Plate, 7 ½” – smoke

NOTE:  You will find additional information surrounding this pattern. Please click (Imperial Glass - Part 2)

ACANTHUS Bowl - 9.5 in. -Smoke
ACANTHUS Bowl - 9.5 in. - Smoke

ACANTHUS Bowl:  Smoke bowls and plates can be quite attractive in this pattern when the color is heavily applied. The 8”-9” bowls are found in marigold, purple, smoke, helios, emerald, aqua, clambroth, cobalt blue. The 10” plates are not plentiful in any of their three known colors of marigold, smoke and clambroth. Acanthus was listed as # 465 in the early Imperial Factory catalogs. The first of these ads appeared in the spring of 1911.
NOTE: Please refer to (Imperial Glass - Part 2), for additional information about this pattern.

CHRYSANTHEMUM Chop Plate in White-Ribbed Ext.-new ones have smooth exterior
CHRYSANTHEMUM Chop Plate in White -
Ribbed Ext.- new ones have smooth exterior.
CHRYSANTHEMUM in Amber-$1950.00-Seeck Auction-7-11
Sold for $1950.00 - Seeck Auction - 7-11.
CHRYSANTHEMUM in Green-$16,000-8-11-Wroda Auction
Sold for $16,000 - 8-11 - Wroda Auction.

CHRYSANTHEMUM  Plates: These 10 ½” chop plates are found in marigold, purple, helios/green,  amber, white, smoke, and cobalt blue. They are not readily available and could be termed a rare find in the world of collecting today. Some examples are trademarked NUART. Others are not. If present, it will be clearly seen in the lower right portion of the plate. The exterior surface is ribbed.


(LIG) Green HOMESTEAD-Courtesy Remmen Auctions
(LIG) Green HOMESTEAD - Courtesy Remmen Auctions.

CHRYSANTHEMUM Plates (IG) & (LIG):  Marigold, purple, helios, amber, white, smoke, cobalt blue are the colors in reproductions.

HOMESTEAD Chop Plate in Blue. $6000. 4-08, Wroda Auction.
HOMESTEAD Chop Plate in Blue.
Sold for$6000. 4-08, Wroda Auction.

HOMESTEAD Plate:  Fortunate is the collector who is able to garner one of these most desirable of all carnival glass patterns! Imperial’s #525 pattern was quite obviously designed by the same artist who created the Windmill and Double Dutch patterns. These 10 ½” chop plates offer a ribbed exterior surface and some examples are found having the NUART trademark. Amber and purple plates can be difficult to locate, and only a few cobalt blue plates are known. Next in rarity would be the emerald green plates. (Emerald: as in green base glass having bright blue iridescence.) Helios, smoke and olive green are other colors to be found.
Reproduced in the 1960s and ‘70s, the newer plates have a plain exterior and are found with the IG trademark. Marigold, smoke, amber, helios and white are colors found in the newer examples. Yet a newer reproduction in vaseline  by Summit Art Glass Co. is also known.

Dean & Diane Fry, 8/12

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