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Northwood - Part 20
Ameth. FERN Compote
FERN Compote - Amethyst.
FERN Compote in Amethys
FERN Compote - Amethyst.
Green FERN Compote.Courtesy Burns Auction
FERN Compote - Green.
Courtesy Burns Auction
Marigold FERN Compote.Courtesy Burns Auctions
FERN Compote - Marigold.
Courtesy Burns Auction
Only known Ice Blue DAISY & PLUME exterior and FERN interior.Courtesy Burns Auctions
FERN Compote - Ice Blue.
Courtesy Burns Auction

FERN Compote:  Here is an ideal example for pattern collectors! Fern is found exclusively in the compote shape. Production dates to the 1911-1912 timeframe. Amethyst, green and marigold are the standard colors. A 1912 Butler Brothers Catalog ad advertises white. To our knowledge, none have been reported……However, this ice blue compote revealed itself in a 2012 Tom Burns auction! We have noted over the years that compotes and bonbons are not collected with as much “vigor” as bowls and plates. Perhaps this is the reason prices have remained “moderate”?
Exterior pattern: Daisy & Plume.

DAISY & PLUME Exterior of FERN Compote
DAISY & PLUME Exterior of FERN Compote.

DAISY & PLUME: Designate differences between Dugan and Northwood designs in this pattern: The Northwood version has 74-76 beads on the edge of each flower. Dugan’s version has 80-82 beads.

PANELED HOLLY Spooners in Mgld.& Green.
PANELED HOLLY Spooners in Marigold and Green.
PANELED HOLLY Spooner Exterior.
PANELED HOLLY Bonbon--7.5 in. at widest point
PANELED HOLLY Bonbon - Marigold.

PANELED HOLLY:  This pattern dates from the earliest carnival production in 1908. It had undergone extensive production in non-iridized form. Some of the opalescent colors offered fired-on gold decoration. Only one pitcher is known in iridized amethyst, along with one creamer and one covered sugar in amethyst. A single spooner is known in marigold. The bonbon is fashioned from the spooner mold. These turn up fairly often. Most of these bonbons are green glass, but marigold and amethyst examples do turn up, having the Alaskan finish on the interior. All known examples offer the Northwood trademark.

Amethyst OCTET 9 in. Bowl
OCTET 9 inch Bowl - Amethyst.
OCTET in Mgld
OCTET in Marigold.
VINTAGE Exterior-Octet Exterior
VINTAGE Exterior - Octet Exterior.

OCTET:  These dome-footed bowls can be 7”-9” in diameter. Scarcity of the pattern should bring about more interest, but prices have remained nominal over the years. Amethyst, green and marigold are the basic colors found, with some white and ice green reported. Most examples bear the Northwood trademark. The Vintage Grape exterior mould is one which Northwood purchased from Jefferson Glass in 1908. The three basic colors were likely produced around 1910. Since a few white and ice green bowls are known,  production must have extended at least through 1912.

Dean & Diane Fry – 1-13

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
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