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Millersburg - Part 16

PIPE HUMIDORS-Amethyst, Green,and Marigold.
PIPE HUMIDORS-Amethyst, Green, & Marigold.

PIPE HUMIDOR:  During our many years of following the “carnival glass trail”, we can never recall a month when five humidors sold within any given month!.......Oct. 2, 2010, part of the Whitley collection was sold in St. Louis by Seeck Auctions. The green humidor, which had once belonged to us, brought $30,000! The amethyst humidor sold for $13,000. The marigold example brought $12,000. That auction realized an all-time record of more than $677,000!
Wroda Auctions conducted the annual Millersburg Glass auction in Millersburg, OH on Oct. 9, 2010. The sale glass is submitted by various consignors. The marigold humidor sold for $14,000, and an amethyst one brought $13,000. Total auction sales were $350,405.

CLEVELAND MEMORIAL ASHTRAY - Mgld.$11,000. Seeck Auctions.10-10
Marigold - Sold for $11,000. Seeck Auctions.10-2010.

CLEVELAND MEMORIAL Ashtray:  Presumed difficulty in successfully removing this from the mould, along with the possibility that few were produced in marigold and amethyst, have created an extreme shortage for collectors of this commemorative item! They have been in well-established collections for all of our more than 40 active years of collecting. 6” diagonally, only 3 or 4 are known in marigold. Conclusion of the late John Resnick in writing/researching his book on lettered pieces: The most likely scenario is that this piece was manufactured (Millersburg) to be sold as souvenirs at the Cleveland Industrial Exposition in June of 1909. John spoke with an 89 year old gentleman who recalled his father purchasing one of these ashtrays at the Exposition. Interesting addendum: The accepted name of this item does not appear, verbatim, anywhere on it. The name is obviously generic, due to the subject matter.

GRAPE WREATH Vt. Spittoon-Ameth-Courtesy Aaron Hurst
GRAPE WREATH Vt. Spittoon - Amethyst -
Courtesy Aaron Hurst

GRAPE WREATH VT. Spittoon:  The “variant” designation is derived from the “star-like” medallion in the center of the design. This spittoon made its appearance after Marie McGee wrote her book in 1995, for it is not mentioned in her extensive coverage of patterns. There is cause for “wonder” at its arrival onto the carnival glass arena in 2010!  Marie was helped and aided by several noteworthy and knowledgeable collectors in the Millersburg area. We are left to assume that the “creation” of this piece came to be, following the Millersburg book printing???!

HOLLY SPRIG with leaves in center
HOLLY SPRIG with leaves in center.
Holly Sprig and Near Cut Wreath

HOLLY SPRIG / NEAR CUT WREATH:  Some 10” Holly Sprig bowls with the Near Cut Wreath exterior pattern are known in the ruffled or the ice cream shapes. The ruffled has a variation in the Holly Wreath interior pattern; added leaves cover the center of the bowl.  The ice cream shape does not have the added leaves. This bowl is more difficult to find than the 6”-10” types, which typically have the Wide Panel exterior.

Rare 6 in. HOLLY WHIRL VT. Sauce-Courtesy Rick and Debbie Graham
Rare 6 in. HOLLY WHIRL VT. Sauce.
Courtesy Rick and Debbie Graham

HOLLY WHIRL Variant Sauce:  These variants are rarely seen. They have the center design like the Grape Wreath Vt. Holly patterns usually have good radium finish, although satin is seen in some 7”- 8” bowls.

Only known FLEUR de LIS  5 inch Compote in any color. $8500. 10-10
Only known FLEUR de LIS  5 inch Compote in any color. Sold for $8500. 10-2010.

FLEUR de LIS Compote:  Said to be the only compote known in this pattern. Along with a couple of rosebowls (one with a collar base and one having a domed base), each in amethyst, these are three top Millersburg rarities.

FLEUR de LIS Tri-corner in Marigold over Vaseline. Country Kitchen Exterior
FLEUR de LIS Tri-corner in Marigold over Vaseline. Country Kitchen Exterior.

FLEUR de LIS : This pattern is found in both satin and radium finish. Tri-cornered examples have brilliant radium iridescence and great color, making them highly desirable! You may be looking at the only known example in VASELINE!!

FLEUR de LIS-CRE Bowl.Country Kitchen Exterior pattern.
FLEUR de LIS-CRE Bowl.Country Kitchen Exterior pattern.

FLEUR de LIS Dome Ftd. Bowl:  These deep, 3/1 edge bowls are prized possessions, although bowls having a collar base are more difficult to locate. Amethyst, green and marigold are best known colors.

Green Opalescent OHIO STAR Vase.Courtesy Aaron Hurst.
Green Opalescent OHIO STAR Vase.
Courtesy Aaron Hurst.

OHIO STAR  (opalescent) Vase:  This vase first appeared in the Wilson auction in 1982. Since then, another opalescent green vase has surfaced. The green and opal combination presents a slag appearance. Quite possibly it was an experiment which was not placed into production?

OHIO STAR Swung Vases in all 3 known colors-3 BUTTERFLY CORN Vases.-Courtesy Aaron Hurst.
OHIO STAR Swung Vases in all 3 known colors.
Courtesy Aaron Hurst.

OHIO STAR (swung) Vases: Amethyst, green and marigold are the standard colors for these examples which were “swung” from the original mould shape. The white, (or clear glass versions) found iridized, quite possibly represent after-market-tinkering with an original crystal Ohio Star vase, produced previous to the iridized era.

BUTTERFLY and CORN Vases:  One green example is known. Other colors are marigold and vaseline. You may view/read about this vase and the BLACKBERRY BARK vase in our segment: SOME BERRY CORNY CONTAINERS.
“Conjecture” indicates these vases were made by Millersburg OR one of the U.S. Glass Conglomerates. Research by some “particular” Millersburg collectors who helped Marie McGee compile the material for her book on Millersburg Glass, apparently felt that Millersburg had NO part in production of either pattern. Only a couple of Blackberry Bark vases are known.

Dean & Diane Fry, 8-12
Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.
Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the earth, and it abides.
They continue this day according to Your ordinances, for all are Your servants.
Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction.
I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life.
I am Yours, save me; for I have sought Your precepts.
The wicked wait for me to destroy me, but I will consider Your testimonies.
I have seen the consummation of all perfection, but Your commandment is exceedingly broad. (Psalm 119:89-96)
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