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Fostoria - Part 9

AMERICAN MILESTONES (2nd in Series)-Molds retired in 1972
AMERICAN MILESTONES (2nd in Series)-Molds retired in 1972.

“AMERICAN  MILESTONES”  Plate:  This is the 2nd in a series, commemorating Francis Scott Key’s anthem of 1814 (Star Spangled Banner). The molds were retired in 1972. Size is: 7 ¾” x 10” wide. The back is frosted glass with an iridized front.

FOSTORIA (American) Puff Box-2+ Seven-eighths in. high.
FOSTORIA (American) Puff Box - 2 7/8 in. high.
FOSTORIA  (American) Puff Box
FOSTORIA  (American) Puff Box.
Fostoria AMERICAN Pattern in (Flashed) Mgld. - 6.75 in. highFOSTORIA (American) Water Goblet-Seeck Auctions
Left - Fostoria AMERICAN Pattern in (Flashed) Mgld. - 6.75 in. high
Right - FOSTORIA (American) Water Goblet-Seeck Auctions.

AMERICAN:  The stemmed piece has the appearance of “flashing”, while the stemmed goblet and the puff box appear to have received the Marlin, TX mineral bath treatment. The American pattern was abundantly produced in clear glass during the immediate years following WW II. Dean & I (Diane), did not purchase our set of 8 in the stemmed goblet style until the late ‘60s, but at that time, there remained an array of not only water vessels, but bowls, plates, and a full table service available in the pattern.

BROCADED ACORN Vase- Wisteria-8.5 in. tall
BROCADED ACORN Vase - Wisteria - 8.5 in. tall.
BROCADED ACORN Wisteria Vase, 8 in. tall.
BROCADED ACORN Wisteria Vase, 8 in. tall.

BROCADED ACORN:  There is more variety in iridized pieces shown here than we found while visiting the Fostoria Museum. Perhaps owners of the iridized examples prefer to keep them in the confines of their homes rather than loan them to the Museum? Both these vases are lovely in shape and the wisteria iridization is quite attractive!

BROCADED DAFFODILS Bucket- 5,5 in. wide x 3.25 in. high
BROCADED DAFFODILS Bucket- 5.5 in. wide x 3.25 in. high.

BROCADED DAFFODILS:  Please bear in mind, as we have stated previously that, Central Glass performed some of the gold edge detailing on Fostoria pieces.

I.G. BROCADED PALMS Planter-Courtesy Remmen Auctions-2-5-11-$250
Ice Green BROCADED PALMS Planter -
Courtesy Remmen Auctions - Sold fo r -$250. on 2-5-2011.

BROCADED PALMS:  Plates such as this one were produced in many of the Fostoria patterns. The planter is not often seen in today’s world.

BROCADED POPPIES - 8 in. plate.Gree
BROCADED POPPIES - 8 in. plate - Green.

BROCADED POPPIES:  This ice green plate offers the gilt-edge and would seem to be on vaseline glass, which glows under black light! This pattern is not so easily found as the Acorn and Palms designs.


SUMMERS GARDEN:  Servers having the center handle were produced in most of the Fostoria patterns. Some examples offer a plain edge and others will have the gilded edge.

Fostoria #1723-Tri-pod Stemmed Sundae. $135. 7-11-Seeck Auction.
Fostoria #1723-Tri-pod Stemmed Sundae. $135. 7-11 - Seeck Auction.

#1723 TRI-POD Sundae Compote:  Assessing the coloration of this piece, it would seem to have been marketed with the American pattern-ware during the 1960s. There surely was a great deal of breakage over the years since, for they are virtually non-existent in today’s world.

Dean & Diane Fry, 5/12

Themes in the Book of Job speak to the heart of every generation.
1.     Some pain is the result of our own choices. (Job 4:8)
2.    Other suffering comes through the judgment of friends who unintentionally add to our grief by assuming
        that we prosper or suffer in direct proportion to what we deserve. (Job 1:8; 32:3)
3.    In addition, some misfortune comes from an enemy who believes people only trust God for what they can
        get out of Him. (Job 1:6-22)
4.   Sustained suffering can disillusion even the best of God’s servants. (Job 3:1-26)
5.   At the lowest moments of our lives, God may use the wonders of what He has made to remind us that we
      do have reason to trust Him. (Job 38-42)

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