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Carnival Glass Lamp Shades - Part 3

Imperial produced a larger variety of both electric and gas light shades than any of the other carnival glass manufacturers. Since an entire 20-page factory catalog displaying the array of light shades has survived the years, we are provided with the information needed to verify their extensive production.
The iridescent colors listed are described as Pearl White, Pearl Green, and Pearl Ruby, recognized by collectors as white, helios, and marigold. Although not listed in this particular catalog, amber was added to the line at some later date, and is known to exist.
The fitting collar of the gas shades has a diameter of 6”-7”. Electric shades are much smaller, having a fitting collar of some 2 ¼” in diameter, and a shade diameter of from 3 ½” to 4 ½”. Since the conversion from gas to electric lighting occurred at the time shade production took place, the greatest variety of patterns are found in the electric style.
At least 14 patterns are documented within the Imperial shades, some created in each style, while others are found only in the electric style. Some offer the Nuart trademark molded in block letters around the fitting collar.
Numbers found in parenthesis are the original factory catalog numbers.

Amber & Mgld. AUGUST FLOWER Shades - 3.75 in. tall x 2.5 in. bottom opening x 2.25 in. top rim
Amber and Marigold AUGUST FLOWER Shades -
3.75 in. tall x 2.5 in. bottom opening x 2.25 in. top rim.
AUGUST FLOWER Gas Shade-Marigold
AUGUST FLOWER Gas Shade - Marigold.

AUGUST FLOWER: (#486C) – Imperial:   Electric shades require a 2 ¼” holder.  The gas shade is given the same catalog number. It has a 4” holder. Known in marigold, amber and reported in rare helios. The ring is marked UNO Patented Dec. 23, 1912.

FINE CROSSHATCH by Imperial Shown in Douglas Archer's book - page 16
 Shown in Douglas Archer's book - page 16.

FINE CROSSHATCH: (#430C) – Imperial: This pattern is produced using a fine horizontal ribbing of the interior surface and a fine vertical ribbing on the exterior surface, offering a sort of plaid effect. Marigold and helios colors are found in both gas and electric style shades; each having the same catalog reference number.

RIBBED SPIRAL Elec. Shade-Helio
RIBBED SPIRAL Electric Shade in Helios green.

RIBBED SPIRAL:  Longtime shade collector, Dr. Roy Hieger says Northwood offers a name which fits the design. Since the shade we display is very much like the Imperial (helios) green, perhaps there is room for discussion on the subject? The main difference in this pattern and the one found in Fine Crosshatch: the ribs on the Ribbed Spiral stop ½” above a scalloped, ruffled bottom. The inner surface displays fine vertical ribs. Measurements: 3 7/8” high, and 5 ¼” in diameter across the bottom. It is iridized inside and out.

IMPERIAL GRAPE - Signed NUART - 5.25 in. tall x 5 in. across the bottom edge.
5.25 in. tall x 5 in. across the bottom edge.

IMPERIAL GRAPE: (#473C) – This design follows the same characteristics seen on the other known Imperial Grape shapes. Marigold in the electric style is known.

LEAF GARDEN Elc. Shades-Mgld
LEAF GARDEN Electric Shades in Marigold.
Imperial LEAF GARDEN electric shade in Smoke
Imperial LEAF GARDEN electric shade in Smoke.

LEAF GARDEN: - Imperial: Known in both electric and gas styles. Colors include marigold, smoke and white.


NUART DRAPE: - Imperial:  The pattern and shape of this shade are mindful of an artichoke. Signed Nuart and known only in the electric style, frosted, satin-like marigold is the only reported color.

MAYFLOWER- Elec. shades - 4 in.high. Marigold and Smoke examples
MAYFLOWER- Electric shades - 4 in.high.
Marigold and Smoke examples.
Marigold & Green Imperial MAYFLOWER Gas Shades 4 in. high x 8 in. across
Marigold and Green Imperial MAYFLOWER Gas Shades.
 4 inches high by 8 inches across.

MAYFLOWER: (#474C) – Imperial:  Gas and electric shades in marigold, smoke and helios. The design has similarities to the Imperial 474 pattern found on water sets. Joe Brennan sent the photo of the green shade in Nov. 2012. Since there is no iridescence (visible), we might consider the shade to be a transitional example between iridized examples and those found leading into the Depression era?

Imperial STARLYTE  Gas Shade. Star has 16 pts.)
Imperial STARLYTE  Gas Shade.
Star has 16 pts.

STARLYTE: - Imperial: Similar to the Northwood Star Panel shade design and known in both electric and gas style. This Starlyte gas style is 7 5/8” diameter x 3 ¾” high with fitter diameter being 3 7/8”. Starlyte has 16 points in each of the two raised stars against a paneled and stippled background. Known in marigold and a rare helios. Star Panel has only 10 star points.

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