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SMOOTH RAYS-8.5 in. Bowl. B.O
SMOOTH RAYS - 8.5 in. Bowl - Blue Opal.
SMOOTH RAYS-Caroline Ext.- Blue opal.8.5 in. Bowl
SMOOTH RAYS - Caroline Ext. - Blue opal.8.5 in. Bowl.
CAROLINE Exterior-Smooth Rays Interior-8.5 in.Blue opal Bowl.
CAROLINE Exterior - Smooth Rays Interior - 8.5 inch Blue opal Bowl.

SMOOTH RAYS - Caroline:  Smooth Rays is the interior design found on exterior patterns: Caroline, Jeweled Heart, and Single Flower Framed. Bowls and small plates in marigold, peach opalescent, amethyst, oxblood and white are prime colors. This Blue Opal bowl is somewhat a surprise! The deep crimped edge adds considerably to the desirability.
CAROLINE:  Examples of this pattern appeared in some 1910 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalogs. 8” to 9” bowls, usually deep in shape and having tightly crimped edges, with peach opalescent as the prime color. Banana boat shape is scarce and known only in peach opal. On rare occasion, peach opal bowls are found to have enameled floral designs. These were offered in the 1910 Butler catalogs. A handgrip plate having the painted design appears occasionally in peach opalescent. A lovely handled basket is seldom found; again, in peach opalescent, and a rare lavender opalescent.
JEWELED HEART:  A ruffled berry set: 10” and 5”-6” in size in marigold, amethyst, white and peach opalescent, along with a 6”-7” plate fashioned from the small berry bowl, in amethyst and peach opalescent are the only shapes known to offer the Smooth Rays interior pattern.
SINGLE FLOWER FRAMED:  7”-8 ½” bowls and plates and a handgrip plate in peach opalescent and decorated peach opalescent are the only colors and shapes confirmed at this time.
STIPPLED FLOWER:  Stippled Flower has Smooth Rays up the inner sides of 7”- 8” bowls, with the flower on the inner marie area. Peach opalescent, decorated peach opalescent and amethyst colors are known. This appeared in some 1910 Butler Bros. Catalogs, as well.

SMOOTH RAYS Interior-CAROLINE Exterior..
SMOOTH RAYS Interior - CAROLINE Exterior.
CAROLINE-Smooth Rays-9.25 in
CAROLINE - Smooth Rays - 9.25 inches.

SMOOTH RAYS - Caroline: The more loosely applied crimping on this piece alters the overall size by an inch.

!0 in. SMOOTH RAYS P.O. Jeweled Heart Ext.-Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
!0 in. SMOOTH RAYS P.O. Jeweled Heart Ext. - Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
Dugan SMOOTH RAYS-Jeweled Heart,  6 in. Plate- in Ameth.- $45.- 3-08.j
Dugan SMOOTH RAYS - Jeweled Heart,  
6 in. Plate - in Amethyst - $45.- 3-08.
SMOOTH RAYS Ext.- Jeweled Heart Ext.5 in. Bowl.
SMOOTH RAYS Int. - Jeweled Heart Ext.- -5 inch Bowl.
SMOOTH RAYS-Jeweled Heart Exterior-5 in. bowl.
SMOOTH RAYS - Jeweled Heart Exterior - 5 in. bowl.
JEWELED HEART 5 in. bowl. Ameth-Oxblood.
JEWELED HEART 5 in. bowl. Amethyst - Oxblood.

SMOOTH RAYS - Jeweled Heart: Notice the beaded edge on the P.O. 10” bowl. The smaller 5” - 6” size has a smooth edge.
.75 in. SMOOTH RAYS Interior-Single Flower Framed, Exterior.
7.75 in. SMOOTH RAYS Interior - Single Flower Framed, Exterior.

SMOOTH RAYS - Single Flower Framed: Exterior designs are prominent and add considerably to the desirability.
STIPPLED FLOWER-P.O.7.5 in. diam.
STIPPLED FLOWER - P.O. - 7.5 inch diameter.
STIPPLED FLOWER, Amethyst-Courtesy Gary Sulivan
Courtesy Gary Sulivan

STIPPLED FLOWER: This has a smooth exterior. While said to be available in amethyst, we do not believe we have ever seen one in that color. Please send us a photo should you own one.

Dean & Diane Fry – 12-11-11
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So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper;
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(Hebrews 13:1-6)
*Hebrews 13 has been called one of the most practical chapters in the New Testament.
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