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Northwood - Part 15
NORTHWOOD  - Part 15

A.O. MEMPHIS Fruit Bowl-Courtesy Don & Becky Hamlet.
Aqua Opal MEMPHIS Fruit Bowl - Courtesy Don & Becky Hamlet.

MEMPHIS Fruit Bowl:  This well-known pattern has a wide range of colors to choose from whether you decide upon a fruit bowl/stand or a punch set with matching cups, but should you rather enjoy having an aqua opal fruit bowl in aqua opal, you will need to convince Don and Becky Hamlet to sell this beautiful example. We believe it is the only one known. Dean photographed it in Greenville, OH while we were all there for the 2010 www.cga convention. The butterscotch effect enhances the piece in greater detail than a pastel finish would. This is truly an unusual example of the pattern!

Blue GRAPE and CHERRY, 7-five-eighths x 3.5 in. high.
Blue GRAPE and CHERRY, 7 5/8 x 3.5 in. high.
GRAPE and CHERRY INTAGLIO. 7.5 in. diam. x 3.25 in. deep.
GRAPE and CHERRY INTAGLIO. 7.5 in. diam. x 3.25 in. deep.

GRAPE and CHERRY Bowls:  This intaglio pattern is scarcely ever seen. Nothing much has been written about it, but it is referred to in Harry Northwood - The Wheeling Years 1901-1925. A marigold sauce and larger bowl are pictured; referring to Cherry intaglio. Like all patterns of scarcity, resulting sale prices are usually rather low. The interior is plain. Marion Hartung called the pattern Grape and Cherry.

HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote - Green - $-900. Seeck-10-10
HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote - Green.
Sold for $-900. Seeck-10-10.
HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote - Powder Blue  Opal -$2200-Sept. 2006.
HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote - Powder Blue  Opal.
Sold for $2200 - Sept. 2006.
HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote in Aqua Opal.$500. 10-10 Seeck Auction
HEARTS & FLOWERS Compote in Aqua Opal.
Sold for $500. - 10-10 Seeck Auction.
HEARTS & FLOWERS in Marigold over Custard-$4000-Seeck Sale-10-10.
HEARTS & FLOWERS in Marigold over Custard.
Sold for $4000 - Seeck Sale - 10-10.
YES, indeed! This does appear to be SAPPHIRE OPAL in HEARTS & FLOWERS
YES, indeed! This does appear to be

HEARTS and FLOWERS Compote: One of the most attractive qualities surrounding this compote is the fact that the intricate design follows from the interior bowl down along the stem and base. In addition to the five colors seen here, the range extends to marigold, amethyst, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, ice green, lime green, lavender, clambroth, Renninger blue, sapphire blue and cobalt blue opalescent. If concentration were applied to collecting all colors in all shapes within this pattern, 49 pieces would be the result. Along with additional colors in the compote shape, a stemmed plate whimsy in white is known.  With 8”-9” ruffled and pie crust edge bowls, and 9” plates considered, an extraordinary grouping could be gained………….over time.

HEARTS & FLOWERS in White.9 in. Plate
HEARTS & FLOWERS in White - 9 in. Plate.
Lime Green HEARTS & FLOWERS 9 in. Plate $2500. at a Jan. 2008 Reichel Auction..
Lime Green HEARTS & FLOWERS 9 in. Plate.
Sold for $2500. at a Jan. 2008 Reichel Auction.
Vaseline HEARTS & FLOWERS Plate. $25,000. 3-09 Wroda Auction.
Vaseline HEARTS & FLOWERS Plate.
Sold for$25,000. 3-09 Wroda Auction.

HEARTS and FLOWERS 9” Plates:  Marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, ice blue, ice green and sapphire blue plates complete the color spectrum known in the plate shape. Actually any of the plate colors are fairly scarce, usually bringing in excess of $1,000 when sold at auction. There are only 2-3 vaseline examples known and reportedly have some damage.

Peacock at Fountain compote

PEACOCK at the FOUNTAIN Compote:  Marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, and aqua opalescent are additional colors found in this compote. “Harry’s Birds” were popular in any shape! Introduced in 1912, it became one of the most favored iridescent patterns produced by Northwood! A patent is known to have been filed for in Feb. 1914 and granted in July 1914. Peacock at the Fountain was produced as a full line including berry set, table set, water set, and punch set. A large, footed fruit bowl, stemmed compote and whimsy spittoon are also known. Most items are trademarked with the N.

Dean & Diane Fry, 12-10

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(James 1:21-25)
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