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Northwood Stippled Mum

Green STIPPLED MUM 8.25 in. diam.
Green STIPPLED MUM 8.25 in. diameter.
STIPPLED MUM Displays central N clearly.8.5 in. diam.
STIPPLED MUM Displays central N clearly.8.5 in. diameter.
STIPPLED MUM - Northwood (N).
STIPPLED MUM-2.5 in. diam. marie. Depth of marie=three-eighths in.
STIPPLED MUM - 2.5 in. diam. marie. Depth of marie is 3/8 inch.
Mgld. STIPPLED MUM - N in center button - 8.5 in. Diam.
Marigold STIPPLED MUM - N in center button - 8.5 in. Diameter.
8.5 in. STIPPLED MUM in (Sunburst Lustre Finish)-Mgld.
8.5 in. STIPPLED MUM in (Sunburst Lustre Finish) - Marigold.
Ameth. STIPPLED MUM - 7.50 in. bowl.Early Northwood piece having an application of Sunburst Lustre finish.
Amethyst STIPPLED MUM - 7.50 in. bowl.Early Northwood.
STIPPLED MUM Exterior-Amethyst
STIPPLED MUM Exterior - Amethyst

STIPPLED MUM:  On rare occasion, one of these bowls will appear for sale on Ebay, but “classification” places them into the (ala-Resnick—“rare-so-what” category).

We purchased a green example today (6/27/12) from a local auction. How often do they present themselves? Virtually NEVER! An amethyst example was discovered for sale @ $85. on only one site today! With nearly 5,000 iridized examples on Ebay daily, wouldn’t you think there might be ONE? Peacocks and Good Lucks are not in short supply. (smile) Perhaps that is because “everyone KNOWS what they look like?”

Today is (7/23/12). Nothing is listed as Stippled Mum on eBay today, but when placing Stippled Rays into search, 50 examples were displayed, with only one of them being a marigold Stippled Mum!  (It’s all in a name!) Smooth Rays would be more accurate!

Apparently Stippled Mum was given a trial run in the early days of carnival marketing. Perhaps only one turn (400), or possibly only a ½ turn were produced? Since only three basic colors are known, perhaps early efforts in the 1909 timeframe were abandoned?

You may click into HOW CARNIVAL WAS MADE in our segment list on the homepage to view an amethyst example. Our site partner, Donna Adler purchased this bowl in the late ‘90s without knowing the pattern. A friend of hers discovered an example in Bill Edwards’ 6th Encyclopedia. It had not appeared in his earlier volumes, further indicating the extreme scarcity of the pattern.
The pattern is never referred to on auction brochures, is not mentioned in Northwood, The Wheeling Years, by Heacock, Measell, Wiggins; not shown in the Hartung books; nor the Carl O. Burns Northwood book!.... TRULY!.......  “a rare-so-what”! Do you suppose that one of THESE would bring $30,000 at auction?? LOL!

They are every bit as rare as any Rose Tree bowl. It’s all in promotion and mind-set.
Please take note of the sizes and differences of the marie areas of Stippled Mum and the Poppy Variant examples.

Ameth. POPPY VT. Courtesy Joe Brennan
Amethyst POPPY VT. #1  - Courtesy Joe Brennan.
Interior of POPPY VT. #1- Courtesy Joe Brennan
Interior of POPPY VT. #1- Courtesy Joe Brennan.

POPPY Variant #1:  While this name indicates a variation of the Northwood Poppy Pickle dish, there is actually no correlation. The Poppy Vt. pattern dates to the 1909 timeframe. The pattern is found only on the exterior of 6”- 7 ½” ruffled bowls. (Notice the un-patterned interior?) Marigold, amethyst and green are known colors. Carl Burns notes that some of the green examples offer the Alaskan finish.  

POPPY VARIANT #2 - Ameth. 7 & three-eighths in. diam.
POPPY VARIANT #2 - Amethyst 7 3/8 in. diameter.

POPPY Variant #2:  An interior plunger having the addition of the Stippled Daisy center is used with the exterior Poppy Vt. #1 mould to create an entirely different overall result.

Dean & Diane Fry, 7/12

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Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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