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Imperial Smooth Rays

Smooth Rays-Imp. Catalog 104A
(1) - Smooth Rays - Imperial Catalog 104A.
7.25 in. Mgld. SMOOTH RAYS Bowl. Imp.24 pt. star/
(1) - 7.25 inch Marigold SMOOTH RAYS Bowl.
Imperial 24 pt. star.
9 and an eighth in. diam. SMOOTH RAYS Plate-Mgld.- 24 pt. star.
(1) - 9 1/8 inch diameter SMOOTH RAYS Plate.
Marigold - 24 pt. star.
Clambroth 7.75 in. diam. - 24 pt. star. SMOOTH RAYS
(1) - Clambroth 7.75 inch diameter - 24 pt. star. SMOOTH RAYS.
 Imperial SMOOTH RAYS 7.5 in. bowl. 1910-Mgld.- 24 pt. star
 (1) - Imperial SMOOTH RAYS 7.5 inch bowl.
Produced in 1910 - Marigold.- 24 pt. star.
Imperial SMOOTH RAYS-7.5 in. Mgld. bowl-1909
(1) - Imperial SMOOTH RAYS - 7.5 in. Marigold bowl.
7.5 in. Imperial SMOOTH RAYS Bowl-Mgld.
(2) - 7.5 inch Imperial SMOOTH RAYS Bowl - Marigold.
Exterior Smoke SMOOTH RAYS plate-STAR in marie.
(2) -Exterior Smoke SMOOTH RAYS plate - STAR in marie.
Imperial SMOOTH RAYS  9 in. star.
(2) -Imperial SMOOTH RAYS  9 in. plate.
Marigold - Center Star.
Imperial SMOOTH RAYS Plate  in Smoke-9 & three-eighths in. 7.5 in. Bowl-Smoke- center star.
(2) -Left - Imperial SMOOTH RAYS Plate in Smoke - 9 3/8 inches.
(2) -Right - 7.5 inch Bowl - Smoke - center star.
 9.25 in. Clambroth SMOOTH RAYS Bowl-Imp.Smooth Rim
 (3) -9.25 in. Clambroth SMOOTH RAYS Bowl - Imperial - Smooth Rim.
4.5 in. Clambroth SMOOTH RAYS Compote-2 part mold
4.5 in. Clambroth SMOOTH RAYS Compote - 2 part mold.

Imperial’s SMOOTH RAYS:  According to the Carl O. Burns book on Imperial Glass, published in 1996,  Imperial Smooth Rays pattern is listed in factory catalogs, using 4 different numbers. (#M-345, 399, 422, and 755.) When comparing designs, they all appear to be identical. The January 1909 Imperial Catalog, and the Imp. 104A catalog offer a numbering system using #3897 A, B, C, & F to differentiate size, shape of the berry bowls, (nearly as we can determine). All four photos display a side view of the bowls.
We have applied differing numbers to our photos to separate the three existing “marie” patterns used in the Smooth Rays examples.
Since we find that smoke is now a known color, along with having found at least three different marie designs, our belief is: The Smooth Rays pattern was a carry-over from the clear glass era, and since catalog photos only offer side-views of the pieces, this does not display the marie area.  Each of the four catalog numbers could easily indicate the differences in that marie pattern?
The clambroth “compote” we display could well have been formed from one of the known stemmed shapes.
Many of the known shapes were marketed as sets such as salad and sundae sets. A water pitcher/tumbler, two sizes in goblet and wine, along with a custard cup, claret, cordial and champagne. Known colors: marigold, clambroth, teal, smoke.
Many an auction comes and goes without an example of these plates and in some written accounts, smoke is not a listed color! This particular example brought $95. at a Wroda Auction on 11-12-11! (It had been in the Rinehart collection for MANY years!) This plate measures 9 & 3/8” diameter. It should be noted that the exterior is not iridized. Since Dugan, Fenton, Imperial, Northwood, and Westmoreland produced versions of the pattern, this should always be referred to as Imperial’s Smooth Rays for clarification.

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