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Fenton / Northwood (and Imperial?)


STIPPLED RAYS in Amber-Brown color. Courtesy Mike Carwile
STIPPLED RAYS in Amber-Brown color. Courtesy Mike Carwile.

Although Stippled Rays patterns/shapes are among the more “ho-hum”  items among collectors who concentrate on more scarce patterns, we are inclined to believe that those who are better informed and more knowledgeable; will agree that this particular “form” in that pattern is quite scarce! Not only the 9” size of the bowl, but the SWIRL pattern within the 4” marie creates a conundrum.
When we discovered the green bowl displayed here, in 2011, after posting this segment, we heard from Carl Booker that he had earlier owned one such bowl. There have been no other examples reported until word came from Mike Carwile in Dec. 2013 that he had discovered the amber-brown bowl shown in his photographs.
Such a space of time between locating examples suggests that this might have been a late-comer into the realm of iridized items, providing colors and a size/shape not previously produced, in hopes of reviving interest? Perhaps only a “sampling” of options were presented to the public, and no orders were received?

Olive Green STIPPLED RAYS 9 in. bowl-3.5 in. deep
Olive Green STIPPLED RAYS 9 inch bowl - 3.5 inches deep.
4 in. SWIRL design marie- Chisel #3 & #5
4 inch SWIRL design marie - Chisel #3 and #5.
Fenton 9 in. 3-1 edge STIPPLED RAYS Ameth.2 & three fourths in. deep.-PLAIN Marie.
Fenton 9 inch, 3-1 edge STIPPLED RAYS - Amethyst.
2 3/4 inches deep - PLAIN Marie.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Interior 5 in. Sauce w. SCALE BAND Exterior.
Fenton 5 inch Sauce - STIPPLED RAYS Interior - SCALE BAND Exterior.
Fenton Tri-corner 10 in. STIPPLED RAYS-Plain Marie.
Fenton Tri-corner 10 inch STIPPLED RAYS - Plain Marie.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Collar-base Bonbon-Amethyst
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Collar-base Bonbon - Amethyst.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Hat-Courtesy Joe Brennan
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Hat - Courtesy Joe Brennan.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS  Footed Bonbon from Sugar- Blue.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS - Footed Bonbon from Sugar - Blue.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Breakfast Set.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Breakfast Set.
9.5 in. Marigold Fenton w. PLAIN marie.
9.5 inch Marigold Fenton with PLAIN marie.
Ameth. 9.5 in. Northwood STIPPLED RAYS
Amethyst 9.5 inch Northwood STIPPLED RAYS.

As you peruse this segment, you will very likely find interest in referring to our previous segment called
A Study in Stippling .
Chisel # 3 & #5 appear to have accomplished the stippling task for this green bowl.
Just when we believe we have seen all examples of carnival glass patterns, yet another presents itself! We have a habit of going to a local auction house each week to take a look at the merchandise to be sold.
The olive green 9” bowl caught our attention for several reasons. While you likely will agree: the overall rays portion is “similar” to that found on those from Fenton, the stippling itself is somewhat different. Known Fenton bowls in this pattern offer 6 ruffles and have either a plain marie or one having a starred design.
Here is an unusual green shade, having a large 4” marie with 32 swirled rays, along with 8 ruffles! We have looked at many examples of Stippled Rays bowls over our course of more than 50 years search/study/collecting, but this example presents a conundrum!
The shade of olive green, and its other attributes create a leaning toward Imperial Glass. Imperial is known for making eight-ruffle bowls, such as Arcs/Cobblestone, Hobstar and Tassels/Scroll Embossed, Arcs/Pansy, Arcs/Star of David. Why NOT a Plain/Swirled Marie/Stippled Rays?
The chisel design appears different from that used on Fenton and Northwood examples!
Is it possible that observing the obvious success with the varied shapes offered by Fenton, and the 5 prominent shapes produced by Northwood; Imperial decided to venture into the arena with their own version? The carnival glass era ended quite abruptly, leading into the Depression-type glassware. Could the Imperial effort have simply come too late to enter competition? At that time in history, samples were provided for traveling salesmen to take orders from customers. Have we found one of those samples?? Are there other examples such as ours?
PLEASE take a look at your Stippled Rays bowls and let us know what you find?

Dean & Diane Fry - 10/16/11

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