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Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Carl O. Burns Imperial Book mentions Crackle and Octagon shaker patterns, but overall, very little written information surrounding iridized shakers has ever been provided for benefit of carnival glass collectors. Perhaps that is the basic reason for a lack of collectors who take an interest in them. When Scott Beale offered to work with us to create this segment, we quickly seized the opportunity to present his “findings” on the subject. He purchased the first salt shaker in 1994 and continues his interest today. Few “original containers” have original tops and his overall assumption is that many of the shaker moulds originate from the Victorian Art Glass period. More formal tables were set during that era, and it’s logical to think that many very nice shakers were routinely used and were broken as a result.
An interesting fact surrounding iridized salt shakers is that some of them seem to show up in patterns from manufacturers we have never credited with production of carnival glass, as we know it.  A resultant and quite natural question comes to mind. Were they made prior to the first production of carnival glass as we know it, in 1907, or produced following the 1907-1915 period of carnival glass by producers who may have acquired molds through manufacturer consolidations?
There are those folks with a school of thought that when a piece of carnival glass is iridized on the bottom, it is not old. Scott is not totally convinced of that, having seen some old carnival glass shakers in the Crackle pattern which do have iridescence on the bottom.  Pieces having a collar base, designed to accept a “snap” which held the piece during the iridizing process and prevented spray from covering the bottom is one procedure. However, mold blown shakers could be totally sprayed with the iridescent solution.

CRACKLE Salt & Pepper in marigold-some can be found on light blue base with marigold overlay. There are smoke sets
CRACKLE Salt & Pepper in marigold.
Some can be found on light blue base with marigold overlay.
There are smoke sets.

CRACKLE: Following more than 60 years of “collecting”, various theories, speculation and uncertainties persist.
Whether or not this pattern originated with Jeannette Glass or Imperial Glass continues to be an unsettled discussion. Most of the shapes within the Crackle spectrum are circa 1930s; clearly glassware of the Depression years. Not all glass shapes “called” Crackle appear identical, which may indicate more than one manufacturer.
Crackle shakers are 3 ½” tall  including top and have a 2” base.
The JUST JENKINS book by Joyce Ann Hicks illustrates no such pattern.
Crackle is exhibited in an April 1929 Butler Brothers Wholesale catalog (in the non-iridized form. Since iridized forms are not mentioned in the ad, theory has it that the carnival glass items may have resulted in a “special order” for a specific customer? We do know that scarcity of marigold water sets, and salt & pepper shakers is a reality.
NOTE: Careful scrutiny reveals distinct differences between this pattern and that of Soda Gold.  

OCTAGON Shakers by Imperial Glass. $550. Seeck Auction..
OCTAGON Shakers by Imperial Glass sold for $550. - Seeck Auction..

OCTAGON:  Very rare when found in marigold, purple or smoke. This pattern was reproduced during the 1960s and 1970s in marigold, smoke, helios, white, purple, and red. All were signed with the IG trademark. We don’t believe there are any reproductions from that time period in the shaker shape. These shakers are of the molded Prescut type pattern. Octagon shakers are 3 ½” tall including the top and have a 1 ¾” base.

MAIZE - by Libby Glass.
MAIZE - by Libby Glass.

MAIZE: Libby Glass provided a condiment set in this pattern. If you will click here, you will be taken to view the mustard container, included in a previous segment. There is also a vase in this pattern, produced by Libby, as well.

BEADED OVAL MIRROR - Purple-(right), Olive Green-(left) Courtesy Scott Beale.
Purple-(right), Olive Green-(left)
Courtesy Scott Beale.

BEADED OVAL MIRROR:  This pattern originated with Challinor, Taylor & Co. in Tarentum, Pa, one of the U.S. Glass Co. conglomerates; known as Factory C. (see our U.S. GLASS REVIEW).  Challinor would have produced this shaker in clear glass. At close of business by 1900, their molds were transferred to other member factories. It is not known who, nor when the few iridized examples of this shaker might have occurred.
Scott says these are very rare, with only a handful known. The Challinor shakers generally are found in opaque and slag colors. As stated, these two iridized examples are on solid color glass. These shakers are 3 ½” tall including the top, and have a 1 ½” base.

AZTEC Shaker-Courtesy Scott Beale.
AZTEC Shaker - Courtesy Scott Beale.

AZTEC:  This is a McKee Glass Co. production. (see our McKEE GLASS -Part 2 segment to view a tumbler in Aztec pattern.)  McKee is not known to have iridized glass. Bob Smith divulges the fact the Marlin, TX- Mineral Bath treatment resulted in the tumbler he owns. This shaker is the result of some after-market process for producing “marigold-like” carnival glass. Scott Beale was told by another collector who has since passed away, that it had been purchased from Fay Crider (mother of Terry Crider, and a "knowledgeable dealer".) Perhaps Terry Crider iridized the shaker?

PANELED/COLONIAL Shaker:  Originally, a mustard container and a pair of shakers were set into a metal container designed to fit the condiment set. Maker is unknown. The overall design was produced by several manufacturers. We should like to hear from anyone with specifics surrounding this set. Scott Beale provided the shaker photo, saying it belonged to a fellow-collector. Since many early glass manufacturers utilized the panel design, it is difficult to determine who produced these condiment sets.

SHELL and SEAWEED  Shaker in Marigold on Moonstone.Courtesy Scott Beale..Amethyst SHELL & SEAWEED-Courtesy Scott Beale.Marigold SHELL & SEAWEED Shaker-3 +5-8ths in. h. x 2 in. diam.Courtesy Scott Beale.
Left - SHELL and SEAWEED  Shaker in Marigold on Moonstone.
Middle - Amethyst SHELL & SEAWEED.
Right - Marigold SHELL & SEAWEED Shaker.
All Courtesy of Scott Beale.

SHELL and SEAWEED:  This marigold over moonstone shaker brought $250. at a 1994 auction. Origin of these shakers is unknown. We should like to hear from any viewer who may have examples in the pattern, or have access to descriptive information. These shakers are 3 ½” tall including the top and have a 1 3/8” base.

1970s - 2.75 in. tall x 1 + One half in. wide.
1970s - 2.75 in. tall x 1 1/2 in. wide.
$1.95 in the 1970s
$1.95 in the 1970s.

MASON Jars - shakers:  Viewers may click into our segment surrounding MINERAL BATH MARIGOLD to view the means by which certain marigold coloration is (has been) achieved. We thought you would be fascinated with our “findings” as to the origination of the “Marlin, TX marigold shakers.” The extent to which “collectors” will reach to achieve a “form of carnival glass” is quite unbelievable, really!
Given time and determination, answers to most questions become evident. Mason shakers are 2 ¾” tall including the top and have a 1 3/8” base.

RUBINA VERDE, footed-carnival glass version-maker unknown.
Footed-carnival glass version,
Maker unknown.

RUBINA VERDE footed:  Very little is known about this interesting carnival glass version. Scott and we ask that should any of our viewers have access to the maker and, or, further details relating to this shaker; please let us hear from you.

Dean & Diane Fry, 5/11

Know God - Know Hope
No God - No Hope
After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord,
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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.?  
(Joshua 1:1-9)

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