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Fenton - Part 16
FENTON – Part 16

We must assume that this pattern was a prolific seller in any of its various shapes and color spectrum. It must have been produced over a long period of time. A sizeable collection could be accumulated by gathering all the known shapes and colors within the pattern; compotes, sauces, small plates, two-handled bonbons, 8”-9” bowls, a few very rare factory-made 9” plates in marigold,  interiors for a breakfast set (open sugar and creamer), ruffled hat shapes to include the souvenir “General Furniture Co., 1910” in green. Depending upon shape, Fenton catalogue numbers 407, 408 and 411 were used for description. The 6” blue sauce is found on occasion, lacking iridescence on the exterior and having silvery-type iridescence on the interior! A special customer order must have been placed for this particular finish? The pattern appears in Fenton’s 1911 catalogue as their #407. Amethyst, Blue, Green, and Marigold seem to be the standard colors, with Peach Opal, considerably more scarce. We cannot recall seeing any red or white examples in the pattern.

The Northwood version of this design is known as “Nippon”. Mrs. Hartung reports that the pattern was made by Imperial Glass Co. in 1910, appearing in their catalogue that year. In today’s world of collecting, we know of no iridized example from that company.          

Dean & Diane Fry, 12-10

PEACOCK TAIL in P.O. - RARE- 5.5 in. diam
PEACOCK TAIL in Peach Opal - RARE -  5.5 in. diameter.
PEACOCK TAIL TCRE 9 in. Bowl in Amethyst..PEACOCK TAIL-Mgld. 8.75 in
Left - PEACOCK TAIL TCRE - 9 inch Bowl in Amethyst.
Right - PEACOCK TAIL - Marigold -  8.75 inch Bowl.
9 in. Green PEACOCK TAIL Bowl with 3 and 1 edge crimp.Mgld. PEACOCK TAIL 8.5 in. Bowl -Three and One Edge..PEACOCK TAIL 7 in. Square Bowl in Amethyst.
Left - PEACOCK TAIL - 9 inch Bowl with 3 and 1 edge crimp in Green.
Middle - PEACOCK TAIL -  8.5 in. Bowl - 3 and 1 edge in Marigold.
Right - PEACOCK TAIL -  7 inch Square Bowl in Amethyst.
Mgld. PEACOCK TAIL BonBon.Mgld. PEACOCKTAIL 6 in. Plate - Rare- $550. - 3-08Blue PEACOCK TAIL 6 in. Bowl.-2 Sauces known in P.O
Left - PEACOCK TAIL BonBon in Marigold.
Middle - Rare 6 inch Plate in Marigold - sold for $550. in 3/08.
Right - PEACOCK TAIL - 6 in. Bowl. in Blue.
Blue PEACOCKTAIL Hat-6.25 in. diam. x 3.25 in. deep.GENERAL FURNITURE-1910-marie of Peacocktail Hat..
Left - Blue PEACOCKTAIL Hat - 6.25 in. diam. x 3.25 in. deep.
Right - GENERAL FURNITURE - 1910 - marie of Peacocktail Hat.
PEACOCKTAIL Hat in Marigold.
9 in. PEACOCK TAIL 3-1 Edge in Ameth.PEACOCK TAIL 5 in. bowl in Very Scarce Green!
Left - PEACOCK TAIL - 9 inch bowl - 3-1 Edge in Amethyst.
Right - PEACOCK TAIL 5 in. bowl in Very Scarce Green!
10 in. PEACOCK TAIL Bowl in Ameth.$245.Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
Left - PEACOCK TAIL - 10 inch Bowl in Amethyst - sold for $245.Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
Right - PEACOCKTAIL -  9 in. Bowl with 16 Crimps. - in Green.
PEACOCKTAIL 9 in.  Bowl with 16 Crimps in Amethyst
PEACOCKTAIL 9 inch  Bowl with 16 Crimps in Amethyst.

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