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Light and Lamps Shades - Part 1
Northwood's ASTRAL marigold gas lamp shade by Northwood..
ASTRAL marigold gas lamp shade by Northwood.

ASTRAL: Clearly displayed in a 1906 Northwood catalog, this pattern is comprised of three wide-stippled panels, each having two 10-pointed stars, the upper somewhat smaller than the lower. A row of 1/16” beads encircle the upper star, the beads extending from the circle to near the bottom of the shade where they encircle a smooth, raised, ovoid jewel-like bead placed at the lower end of the raised rib which defines the panels.  The bottom of the shade is finely fluted and slightly ruffled. Known only in a lovely dark marigold,  iridized inside and out; Astral was produced in both gas and electric styles measuring 3 ¾” in height.

Northwood's DAISY CHAIN - four and one-half in. tall.
Northwood's DAISY CHAIN - 4 1/2 inches tall.

DAISY CHAIN:  This Northwood pattern consists of stippled panels separated by a vertical row of 1/8” beads, having 8 panels on the electric shade; 15 on the gas shade. Along the bottom edge of the shade, each panel displays a 6 petal flower with a curled twig bearing 3 leaves extending up to the mid-level of the shade. The outer edge of the shade is shaped by the floral petals. Beautiful dark marigold is the prevailing color, with iridization inside and out. The shades measure 3 ¼” in height.

FLARED PANELS marked Northwood..
FLARED PANELS marked Northwood.

FLARED PANELS:  Moonstone/LUNA glass electric shades were reportedly made for use with 40 watt bulbs. This Northwood pattern was made in pearl (white), and luster (marigold) iridization. Their pattern name was Sheffield. Some shades are found with NORTHWOOD in raised letters on the fitter, while others are unmarked. There are 9 smooth panels separated by a slender raised rib which extends from the fitter down to the slightly scalloped bottom. The shade measures 5” in height and is iridized inside and out.

Northwood's PILLAR & DRAPE Shades in White.5.5 in. high x 2 in. top opening.
Northwood's PILLAR & DRAPE Shades in White.
5.5 in. high x 2 in. top opening.

PILLAR and DRAPE-(Venetian): Very likely the best known of Northwood’s LUNA glass (moonstone) shades. It was made in the electric style only, and is known in both pearl (white), and luster (marigold) iridization. Wm. Heacock reports that the pattern was designed for 60 watt bulbs.

Since Northwood’s design is similar to Fenton’s, it is difficult to determine one from the other. Northwood’s moonstone is slightly whiter and more opaque than Fenton’s. The shorter of the two Northwood shades is taller (5 1/8”) than Fenton’s (4 ¾”). Both the Northwood and the Fenton shades have 4 pillars, and 22 drape-like folds. However, the pillars of the Northwood shades, are significantly wider at their bottom end (11/16”) than are Fenton’s (7/16”). Some Northwood shades have a square bottom, some have round bottoms. That may also be the case with the Fenton versions.

From the 1906 Northwood Catalog. OLYMPUS 2Shade on middle left.OLYMPUS Northwood Lampshade
Left - 1906 Northwood Catalog. OLYMPUS Shade on middle left.
Right - OLYMPUS Northwood Lampshade

OLYMPUS:  Although we have no actual shade to display, we can tell you that they are beautifully iridized marigold examples with a complex design! The looped, overlapping, 3/8” wide ribbons, each with a central laurel wreath-like strand of leaves, and a string of 1/16” beads along both sides of each ribbon, are all set in a finely stippled background. The spaces between the ribbons are filled by elongated leaf-like patterns. Below the crossed ribbons, between them and the fluted bottom of the shade, are small florets. The Olympus pattern was produced in both gas and electric styles, and is designated #5 in Northwood’s 1906 catalog (see p.161, Heacock et all, The Wheeling Years). The shades are iridized inside and out. The electric size shade measures 3 ¾” in height, and 4 7/8” in diameter at the round bottom.

Northwood's RIBBONS and BOWS, 3 .75 in. tall with 4.5 in. bottom flare.
Northwood's RIBBONS and BOWS,
3 .75 in. tall with 4.5 in. bottom flare.

RIBBONS and BOWS:  Designated #1 in the 1906 Northwood catalog, this shade has a finely stippled surface with laurel- type wreaths, each open toward the bottom of the shade.  Each wreath is tied at the top with a big ribbon bow. Wreaths and ribbons occupy the lower ½ of the shade.  The upper ½ contains four petaled  flowers and a variety of leaves.  Ribbons and Bows and Olympus were very likely designed by the same artisan. Both electric and gas shades are available in the Ribbons and Bows pattern. Rich marigold inside and out is the only iridized color known. The electric shade is 4” in height, and 4 ½” in diameter at the round, finely fluted bottom.

Northwood's STAR PANEL
Northwood's STAR PANEL.

STAR PANEL:  Indicated to be #7 in the 1906 Northwood ad, it looks much like Imperial’s Starlyte. Both patterns offer stippled panels having two stars, six on the electric, eight on the gas shades. The stars on Star Panel have only 10 points, while those on Starlyte have 16 points.  Star Panel was made in both gas and electric styles. Only marigold examples have been found. It is displayed in the 1906 Northwood catalog shown on page 161 of Heacock, et als—The Wheeling Years. The shades have a slightly ruffled bottom; the ruffles conforming to the panels, 6 on the electric and 8 on the gas. The bottom edge is finely fluted. The electric shade measures 3 ¾” in height and is iridized inside and out.

37-Northwood LUNA glass
#37 - Northwood LUNA glass.

#37:  Shown on page 37 of Greguire’s book, this LUNA glass (moonstone), having light marigold iridescence on a finely stippled background, offers us no “name” for the pattern. The shade is shaped much like a wide-petaled flower, each petal slightly pointed at the free edge. It is marked Northwood #37.
Roy Hieger, noted collector of gas/elec. shades stated in a Texas Club newsletter, dated Feb. 2005, that he observed one such shade and lamp for sale on eBay in Dec. 2002. It failed to meet the seller’s reserve with the high bid of $160.
HAMMERED BELL Chandelier Shade
HAMMERED BELL Chandelier Shade.

HAMMERED BELL:  Strangely, this shade has eluded its maker over the years! White is the known color. It is known to be used in a five-shade chandelier. One such chandelier sold for $500. in a 1994 auction. Bill Edwards included it in his early Encyclopedias, and prior to that, Mrs. Hartung referred to it in her 1975 Book Six-page 127 as such: “This unusual bell is saved from an appearance of unwieldy awkwardness only by its frosty white color and delicate iridesc ence.” The glass portion is 4 ½” tall, the bell opening being 4 ¾” wide. There are four mold marks showing. Mrs. Hartung further states that in the absence of any definite evidence, we believe this to have been made by Fenton. If any viewers can verify the manufacturer at this point in time, we certainly would appreciate hearing from you.

The bracket attached to the top of the bell indicates its use in chandelier lighting. We have seen a picture of such, utilizing 5 of these bells.

DRAGON'S TONGUE Shade on Moonstone Base.-Fenton.
DRAGON'S TONGUE Shade on Moonstone Base.-Fenton.

DRAGON’S TONGUE:   These marigold over moonstone shades are known to be of Fenton origin. They have sold for as much as $550. in a brass double-neck electric lamp, offering 2 shades. Shade size is: 4 ¾”high x 5 ¾” wide across the opening. Fitter is 2 1/8” across.

The pattern is also known in 10”-11” marigold bowls produced by Fenton Glass.

Moonstone LEAF TIERS - 5 in. high.-Fenton.
Moonstone LEAF TIERS - 5 in. high - Fenton.

LEAF TIERS:  These moonstone shades are of the same design as that found on the Fenton Leaf Tiers water sets, so the natural assumption is that Fenton is the manufacturer. Water sets, table sets and berry sets of this same design are as scarce as these electric shades.

Dean & Diane Fry – 3/2011

Research aid: Roy Hieger
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