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Paneled Daisy and Cane Basket
Paneled Daisy & Cane Basket


PANELED DAISY & CANE Basket:  This elaborate basket stands 11” to the top of the handle, with the handle extending 5” up from the basket top edge. It is 6” across the widest point of the opening and 3 ½” wide at the base of the handle. Most handled baskets have smooth edges, but this one has a notched edge. The base is 3 ¼” in diameter and has an 8 point star on the underside. There are four cane designed panels and four alternating panels which feature the daisy and leaves in cut or incised styling. These panels cover the entire outer surface of the basket portion. Interior is smooth and both sides are iridized.
This is quite a rare basket. Earliest written information is found in Presznick Book 4, page 57-plate 153. In 1996, when Britt's, Pickups, Kremer's, Roque's, Brooks, Curtis' and the Fry's combined material for the Educational Series Book III, produced by HOACGA, Britt's stated that the example shown in the book was the only one they had ever seen, mentioning that it was marigold, the same color mentioned by Rose Presznick. No attribution to manufacturer was given in either case.
The marigold basket which appeared for sale over eBay in early August 2008 may well be the exact same basket mentioned above. There is no way of knowing that.
Just as Regal Cane has been attributed to Cambridge Glass and Cut Flowers to Jenkins Glass, our belief is that either of those manufacturers could claim the right, but as we research our books/catalogs surrounding those producers' merchandise, we find no evidence to that effect. As we peruse the Complete Book of McKee Glass, there are examples offering caning and the incised designs illustrated on this tall basket, but alas; there are no matches in any case! (You will find earlier written information surrounding this rare pattern in our U.S. Glass - Part 2 segment.)
Along those same lines is Cane and Daisy Cut, a 10” marigold vase with this same wheel-cut design as seen on Cut Flowers and this Cane and Daisy Cut Basket. Can it too, be attributed to Jenkins as producer? These “hybrids” are a curious lot since they are not known to have been included in any designate carnival glass line.
Anyone who has ever researched/written detailed information on any subject will readily admit that not ALL materials contain ALL that is required to identify any given object. Since characteristics of Paneled Daisy & Cane basket are similar to the other patterns mentioned, any one of those three stated manufacturers might lay claim to fame.
Another very real possibility: IF this singular basket is from the early cut glass period, then perhaps it is one of those “after-market wonders”, leaving us to continue wondering just who made this “rare claim to fame”?

Dean & Diane Fry - 1-09

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