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Millersburg's Myriad of Peacocks

Composites of a PEACOCK
Anatomy of a Peacock

The late, great Smokey Cloud provided us with finite details surrounding these “birds of confusion”. His account was strengthened by information from Marie McGee, and the late John Britt, along with Harold and Dolores Wagner. (You will find a chart written in 1992  by the Wagners posted on this site; entitled The Different Millersburg Peacock Molds.)
Fenton provided collectors with an eight-nine inch bowl and nine inch plates having the Bearded Berry exterior pattern, along with a Peacock and Urn small compote.  
Northwood made 9 ½”-10 ½” ruffled bowls, fashioned from the non-stippled master ice cream bowls, along with master ice cream bowls which are stippled. There are small, stippled ice cream bowls, as well as chop plates in 10 ½”- 12”and 6” plates (which are not very flat). These are usually all marked with the -N- Northwood Mark trademark.
The Millersburg “birds” offer their own characteristics, such as their base glass colors of green, amethyst and marigold, and the rare examples in blue. They are quite different from those offered by Northwood. In the case of radium iridescence, no further clarification was required, for that is a definite trait of Millersburg! Examples having the satin iridescence are considered to have been made earlier than those in the radium finish.
However, those different sizes and variants of the basic design kept turning up over the years, adding to “collector confusion”. We hope that this segment will make it easier for collectors to define and discern the variances in connection with their choices and selections.

Millersburg Peacock and Urn

PEACOCKand URN Chop Plate.
PEACOCKand URN Chop Plate
PEACOCK and URN- Large Mold. Green 10 in. Ice Cream shaped bowl.
PEACOCK and URN - Large Mold.
Green 10 in. Ice Cream shaped bowl.

Large mold -10”: This pattern has a bee beside the beak of the bird, a bowl on top of the urn, and the tiara turns forward. There are seven rows of tail feathers and no beading on bowl or the urn.
 From this mold Millersburg produced the large ice cream shaped bowl, and large 6-ruffle bowl in amethyst, green and marigold. Six ruffle and three and one edge bowls are seen less often than the ice cream shape. The large six-ruffled bowl is known in blue-both in radium and satin finish.  Three and one edge will command a higher price than the ice cream shape. A 10” ice cream shaped bowl is known in blue.
There are extremely rare 11 1/2”chop plates made from this mold. At least four amethyst and four marigold are known. No green examples have surfaced.
A  9”, six-ruffled edge bowl in Peacock and Urn is very rare. Two known in blue.

PEACOCK and URN Large Compote-9 in. across.
PEACOCK and URN Large Compote - 9 in. across.

Large compote: Since this large compote has a bee, it is included in this same category, although it has beading on the urn. It is quite rare, desirable and much larger than Fenton's compote by the same name. This has been called “giant” because of its 9” in diameter opening. It stands 7” high. Amethyst is more available than green, but usually has the highest price. Marigold examples are few and far between.

Millersburg Peacock and Urn Variant - 6 ½”

PEACOCK and URN Variant. Amethyst 6.5 in. Sauce.
PEACOCK and URN Variant
Amethyst  6.5 inch Sauce

Variant - 6 ½”: This pattern has the bee, three rows of beads on the urn, the peacock is placed lower in the design, and there are only four rows of tail feathers. The pattern is not quite as sharp as others. Few of these are known and only in amethyst ice cream shaped sauces. This variant has the twelve Wide Panel exterior and the many-rayed star in the base.

Millersburg Peacock

All have Wide Panel Exterior and the rayed star within the marie

PEACOCK Ice Cream Bowl.
PEACOCK 9.5 inch Ice Cream Bowl.

Large mold:  There is no bee in this pattern and the pedestal and leaves over the urn differ from the Peacock and Urn version. The tiara turns backward and the feathers are much more detailed. Amethyst/purple is rare, green and marigold very rare.
The Peacock master ice cream bowl measures 9-9 1/2”. (The Peacock and Urn is 10”). A deep round master berry bowl and a ruffled bowl, along with a whimsey rosebowl in amethyst, marigold, green, vaseline and blue.

PEACOCK - Amethyst six-inch Plate.
PEACOCK - Amethyst 6 inch Plate.

Small mold: Small ice cream shaped sauce, small berry bowls in amethyst, green, blue and marigold, along with small amethyst plates. A marigold 6” plate was included in the late Eleanor Hamilton collection.

PEACOCK - 6 in. Small Berry Bowl-Amethyst
PEACOCK - 6 in. Small Berry Bowl - Amethyst

Small mold: Ice cream and round berry bowl shapes, six ruffled; and some rare three-and-one edges, sometimes called “sauces” were produced from this mold. More amethyst than other colors of  blue, green and marigold.

Millersburg Peacock “Whimsey Proof” - 5 ½”

PEACOCK Proof - Amethyst 5.5 in. proof sauce..
PEACOCK Proof - Amethyst
5.5 inch proof sauce.

A small deep berry dish, approximately 5 ½” diameter and 2 ½” deep; it has no bee, no bowl or columns on top of pedestal, the tiara turns back, it has eight rows of tail feathers and a front leg section of the peacock is missing. Some differences in the stump and leaves exist, as well. They are scarce in amethyst and rare in marigold and green.

Millersburg Peacock and Urn “Shotgun” - 7 ½”

SHOTGUN Peacock and Urn.
SHOTGUN Peacock and Urn

The term “shotgun” was coined from a comment that the pedestal/urn without the bowl on top looked like the barrel of a shotgun. This bowl is the same size as the Court House bowl, has the Wide Panel exterior and the three and one edge. The radium iridescence is one of the best among Peacock patterns. More green examples are known, with amethyst and marigold somewhat more difficult to obtain.

Millersburg Peacock “Shotgun” Sauce - 5 ½”

PEACOCK Shotgun Sauce-Green 5.5 in. ice cream shaped bowl.
PEACOCK Shotgun Sauce-Green
5.5 in. ice cream shaped bowl.

Peacock and Urn Shotgun sauce with a radium green finish.
Courtesy Barbara Harriman

The Peacock “shotgun” sauce has the same measurements as the “proof”. There is no bee, no beading, and no bowl or columns on top of the urn, tiara turns back and there are eight rows of tail feathers. Both of the peacock's legs are complete. Rare in all colors of amethyst, green, and especially marigold. Small, deep berry bowls and ice cream shaped bowls are known.

Millersburg Peacock and Urn 9” “Mystery” Bowl

MYSTERY Peacock and Urn.
MYSTERY Peacock and Urn

Typical colors are amethyst, ( two different shades are known),  green and marigold, but a few blue examples are also known. There are ice cream shapes, ruffled bowls and the three and one edge variety to be found. It carries the Wide Panel exterior design, with the star in the base. A larger bee is portrayed on this bowl, the tiara turns forward, and there is a row of beading on the urn and another on the bowl. A flower hangs over the top edge of the bowl.

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