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Heisey - Part 3
Heisey - Part 3


We display these examples of Heisey for your consideration and assessment. The descriptive information about each piece is as much as we can offer; except to say that following extended time spent in the Heisey Museum in Newark, OH going over the thousands of selections on display, we could see no examples of iridized glass. Discussing the matter with volunteers in the gift shop, as well as a curator on premises, no definitive answers were forthcoming, excepting that Heisey did not perform the iridizing process themselves.

My (Diane) great uncle, George Hess, worked for Heisey in production, all his working years. He and Aunt Ida lived just around the corner from that huge factory. A couple of times each year, we would take my Grandmother to visit her sister Ida. Sometimes, after Sunday dinner, while the ladies visited, Uncle George would take my Dad and me over for a tour of Heisey. (He was a supervisor, so had access to the floor.) These were the years from 1937 to 1941.

While our Son Mark was a “babe in arms”, Dean & I drove to Newark for the Heisey factory closeout sale in the mid -1950s. What a sight! Row on row of tables full of glassware as far as the eye could see! At a time like that, there is never enough money to purchase all that one would like to have, but we did manage to purchase several nice items. (smile) (The clear, pressed and etched basket displayed here is one of those pieces.)

Based upon information provided earlier from Bob Smith about the after-market business he was familiar with in Boston area, we are left with fairly firm conviction that the few pieces we see today, most of which are in soft marigold finish, have derived from those sources who purchased the pressed glass as it came from the factory; then performed the flashing or over spray on private premises, selling those results in some cases from individual homes.

Viewers may also read a portion of the letter received by Tom Felt from a Museum Curator, confirming the fact that Heisey produced no carnival glass. Please see our (Heisey Part 1 segment.)

Note: Anyone having substantive information contrary to our statements; please be in touch. We remain open to further research.

Dean & Diane Fry - 3/07

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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