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Star and File - Part 2
STAR & FILE - Part 2

We sincerely hope that your perusal through this segment will revise any former conceptions you may have had surrounding this Imperial pattern. Taken to heart, the stated word should offer new hope of locating a very desirable rarity without having to “make payments” to a creditor. We endeavor to lend new hope and interest to serious collectors. There truly are some wonderful examples to be found without making a huge expenditure in the “investment” category!  (smile)

STAR & FILE - Inside Old One (No IG) Courtesy Bob Preseau.
STAR & FILE (New-IG) inside bottom.Courtesy Bob Preseau
STAR & FILE - Inside Old One
(No IG Mark)
Courtesy Bob Preseau
STAR & FILE (New - IG) inside bottom.
Courtesy Bob Preseau

Juice Tumblers:  Bob Preseau provided us with the following statistics on these tumblers. The new one is a little taller than the old. The inside of the (IG) example  is 2 ½” deep. The inside of the old one is 2 3/8” deep. The old one is 4 7/8” tall. The old one is 2 ½” wide across the top. The old  base is 2 ¼” wide.
Bob also provided the closeup photos displaying the inside of each tumbler.

STAR & FILE Juice Tumblers,  Left - Old.   Right - New, Courtesy Bob Preseau.
STAR & FILE Juice Tumblers,  Left - Old.   Right - New.
Courtesy Bob Preseau

Juice Tumblers: This photo from Bob Preseau, displaying his rare old and new examples together, clearly shows the difference in size. Bob found this rare old piece in a small local auction in New England.

STAR & FILE - left to right - Juice, Standard-4.25 in. tall, Lemonade Tumblers.Courtesy Bob Smith
STAR & FILE - left to right - Juice, Standard - 4.25 in. tall, Lemonade Tumblers.
Courtesy Bob Smith

Juice, Standard, and Lemonade Tumblers:  Bob Smith is the owner of a trio of rare tumblers in this pattern. His Juice tumbler is one of three known. It is 3 7/8” high, 2 5/16”rim, 2 ¼” base. The Standard tumbler measures 4 ¼” high, 2 7/8” rim, 2 ¼” base. This Lemonade tumbler is one of two examples known. It measures 4 ¾” high, 3” rim, 2 ½” base.

STAR & FILE Wine Set, Decanter-11 in. tall, stemmed glass-4.25 in. tall
STAR & FILE Wine Glass-4 in. tall.Holds 2 oz
STAR & FILE Wine Set, Decanter-11 in. tall, stemmed glass -
4.25 in. tall
STAR & FILE Wine Glass - 4 in. tall.
Holds 2 oz

Wine Set:  The photo which includes a couple of  wines with the decanter is great to see!  A  complete set is quite difficult to put together piece by piece. Amethyst is very rare and even a marigold set in this pattern is quite underrated and under-valued by many collectors who do not realize how rare it is.     

Wine Glass:  Nicely displays the lovely cut design on the underside of the base.
Since we came into collecting carnival glass those many years ago, whenever the name Star & File pops into conversation, it is quickly eliminated from much further discussion, with some such statement as: “Oh, yes, nobody pays any attention to it. It has no appeal because the pattern is exterior”; or “There is so much of it!” We believe many collectors would do well to not brush off this pattern with such swift ease!
Some of the pieces are quite rare and seen far less often than Peacocks and Good Lucks. Many an auction comes and goes with NO example of the pattern. 20 shapes of this Imperial #612 appear in Imperial Catalogs as late as 1929, but apparently it was used everyday by its owners. The brilliance of the marigold provided life to table settings, after the period of clear crystal. Large amounts of it do not remain with us today; especially in certain of the shapes. Please take note of such, as you read this segment. Some of these items are among the rarest of the rare----------and perhaps you should care? (smile)

STAR & FILE Pitcher - 7.75. in. tall
6.5 in.STAR  & FILE Plate
STAR & FILE Pitcher - 7.75 in. tall
6.5 inch STAR  & FILE Plate

Water Pitcher:  is a very scarce item! The stemmed goblet and stemmed cordial are extremely rare. A tall stemmed ice cream is rare, along with a custard cup. The 4 ¾” iced tea tumbler is extremely rare.

Plate, 6 ½”  is probably seen more often than most other shapes. It was sold for use as an underplate to accompany the stemmed champagne or fruit salad compote, the sherbet, the goblet and the tall iced tea tumbler, therefore it has a nice flat undesigned center.

STAR & FILE Flat Plate-Barely 5 in. diam.
Exterior of 5 in. Plate
STAR & FILE Flat Plate-
Barely 5 in. diam.
Exterior of 5 in. Plate

Plate, 5” (Barely 5” in diameter, and flat):  Dean bought this little piece from some box lots of glass, opened and auctioned as the pieces were unwrapped following a regular Wroda Auction in April 2006. Wrappings around those items were newspapers dating from 1972. It is the only piece of Star & File we own, or have ever purchased, for that matter. If not determined to be valuable within the scope of many collectors, for pattern collectors as we are; this is a RARE FIND! It has never been discussed in any written matter we have read. Six pages of Star & File shapes are offered in Imperial Catalog 104A. Granted: these are all displayed in crystal. However, there is a 4” berry bowl shown, which is the likely candidate of origin for our small plate. Is ours an experimental piece; flattened into a plate, then iridized,  which was never produced for market, or are there others out there for some of you to locate?  Please let us hear from you, should you have knowledge of another of these tiny plates.

STAR & FILE Rose Bowl - 6.5 in. w. x 3 in. deep
STAR & FILE Handled Compote - 4.5 in. tall x 5.5in. diameter
STAR & FILE Rose Bowl -
6.5 in. w. x 3 in. deep
STAR & FILE Handled Compote - 4.5 in. tall x 5.5in. diameter

Rosebowl:  This, along with round and square bowls, the oval relish, the creamer and open sugar and the sherbet are more easily found than other shapes we have discussed in the two segments surrounding this pattern.

Handled Compote, round:  Clambroth and marigold are found in this shape.
Marigold is the dominant color for all shapes. The clambroth compote is a departure from the norm, and concerning this rosebowl shape, purple, helios, amber, and ice green should be considered extremely rare!

Dean & Diane Fry ----11-06

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