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Scroll Embossed - Part 2

EASTERN STAR Exterior of Large Compote by Imperial.
EASTERN STAR Exterior of Large Compote by Imperial.

LARGE SIZE SCROLL EMBOSSED COMPOTE: This beautiful ruffled compote has a 7 1/8” opening and stands 4 ½” high.  Usually found in marigold and helios, but rare in purple, they can have plain exterior, but ordinarily are found having the Eastern Star exterior.

EASTERN STAR EXTERIOR~~ is generally found on the larger Scroll Embossed compote, which is 4 ½” high x 7 1/8” across the bowl x 3 ½” base. This is a ruffled compote found most often in marigold and helios, but rare purple examples are definitely known.

Formerly called Curved Star, which, in recent years has developed as a Brockwitz design, mainly differs from this design as having a singular or central large star effect within the curves of the pattern, rather than the duplication of several stars, as seen in this Eastern Star pattern. Attribution was a long while in coming, but seems clear at this point in time. The drawing found in the Hartung pattern books is accurate with the Brockwitz design. She notes that there was no clue as to the maker in her second book, dated 1965. Time and continuing research benefits all of us.

Blue SCROLL EMBOSSED Plain Exterior Compote
Blue SCROLL EMBOSSED Compote-side view-plain exterior.
Plain Exterior Compote
Side view-plain exterior

SMALL SCROLL EMBOSSED COMPOTE~~ 5 ¾” across the flared-ruffled top, these compotes are found in marigold, purple, helios, amber, aqua, olive and very rarely  in blue. The blue color is intense when held to the light, much like the blue found in the blue examples of Heavy Grape bowls, etc., typically Imperial blue. The interior design  in this compote is exactly the same one found inside the miniature compotes. How many of these compotes exist in blue is not known. This one was purchased from an individual during an ACGA convention. It would take more than $1000 to purchase one of these today.

SIDE VIEW OF THIS SMALL SCROLL EMBOSSED COMPOTE ~~ displays the round bottom and stem, standing 4 3/8” tall and having a plain exterior. We believe this mold to have been used for the couple of helios goblet shapes known to exist. In other words, the goblet is the shape as it came from the mold  before  flaring would take place.

Miniature SCROLL EMBOSSED Compote
Side view of Min. Scroll Embossed compote

MINIATURE SCROLL EMBOSSED COMPOTE~~is a captivating little piece, to say the least! The design peers up at us like “all-seeing eyes”! These can be found in purple, lavender, helios, and marigold~~with EFFORT put forth! MANY an auction comes and goes with dozens of Peacocks and Good Lucks of all kinds, but, alas~~no Min. compotes! They are worth the search, however. This one stands 3 ¼” tall with a 3 1/8” opening.

The late Garth Irby of St. Louis used ruffled versions and this straight up type (WHICH MAY BE THE ONES REFERRED TO IN SOME WRITINGS AS A “SHERBET”) in all colors for his window display during one of our early ICGA Conventions held in St. Louis in the very early `80's. He was very proud of his possibly eight examples, and rightly so! It took us a number of years to locate just this one nice example.

SIDE VIEW OF THE MIN. SCROLL EMBOSSED COMPOTE)~~In addition to being shorter in height, the base is ½” smaller than the one found on the taller, small compote discussed above.

Marigold Variant

The marigold Scroll Embossed Variant by Sowerby of England, although along the lines of an ashtray or coaster, by American standards, it is referred to as a bonbon or sweetmeat dish by British tradition and displayed in an 1885 Sowerby catalog as (pattern #8005), lacking the Scroll Embossed interior. The exterior shown in the 1885 illustration is the one Collectors call “Jewelled Peacock”, indicating an intricate geometric design featuring the Sowerby Peacock head trademark in the center of the base. Carnival examples were probably first made in the 1920s. Sometimes they have a Sowerby Peacock mark on them. Two other exteriors having the Scroll Embossed interior – Prism and Cane and Pineapple are extremely scarce. We have never seen other than marigold examples of this piece. However, research indicates amethyst examples to be known. This is an under-valued, and most under-appreciated delightful small piece. Only three examples appear in recorded sales during the past ten years. Each sold for $35 or less!

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