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Scroll Embossed - Part 1
Hobstar & Tassels-and-File exteriors

Original Exterior Pressed Glass pattern - HOBSTAR & TASSELS
HOBSTAR & TASSELS Pattern as it appears in the 1909 Imperial Catalog
Original Exterior Pressed Glass pattern - HOBSTAR & TASSELS
HOBSTAR & TASSELS Pattern as it appears in the 1909 Imperial Catalog

HOBSTAR and TASSELS EXT.~~The pressed glass Hobstar and Tassels square dish shown is 7  3/4” across its widest portion. This exterior pattern dates to the era prior to iridized glass. It is featured in an Imperial factory catalog dated 1909. This lovely piece was a gift from Kathi & Galen Johnson some years ago. It is displayed with our carnival examples.

HOBSTAR and TASSELS EXT.~~is found on the exterior of round 7” bowls with sawtooth edge, known in helios and purple. Six and eight ruffle 9” bowls having smooth edge can be found in purple, helios, and a rare and beautiful shade of teal. No marigold examples in any of the shapes have yet been confirmed. As you can see, there are 7 ¼” smooth edge bowls, as well. It is our understanding that this same size iridized  bowl can be found having a plain interior.


SCROLL EMBOSSED with HOBSTAR and TASSELS  EXT.~~ is not easily found in these purple 7 ¼” bowls. They do make a striking appearance and for anyone who enjoys the unusual, that call is answered with one of these. We were thrilled, when Gary Lickver set this bowl out for sale during one of the San Diego County Carnival Glass Club meetings in the late `80's. (There is a respected “ruling” among collectors which is a good neighbor policy. Whoever picks up a piece with desire, had better NOT set it down again, releasing it to another's inspection rights!) You've heard the one which states: “He who has the gold, makes the rules~~hence, The Golden Rule!”~~

SCROLL EMBOSSED/HOBSTAR & TASSELS ~~ This smooth edge 7 ½” plate in helios is the only one known and has been in a Texas miniature collection for many years;  a prize among many prizes in her collection!  Eleanor is quite proud of the plate, as she should be. This plate has been called a variant. However, that name may have been attached before identification and  recognition was given to the Hobstar and Tassels exterior. It is obviously from the same mold as the 7 ¼” bowl described above.

Included in a Collection of Writings , circa 1985, is stated that English researchers Ray Notley and Marion-Quinton Baxendale, at that point in time had concluded that the Scroll Embossed pattern had simply been “purloined” by Sowerby Glassworks of Gateshead, England, for use as the interior of their Diving Dolphins bowl, along with this plate. (The Hobstar/Tassels pattern was unlisted at that time.)

Now that we can conclusively attribute the Hobstar and Tassels design to Imperial, perhaps we should consider that this plate was created for added interest, beyond the 9” plate with scalloped edge, and the two KNOWN sizes in Scroll Embossed compotes by Imperial.

Since the 9” plate mold, along with the crystal version of Hobstar and Tassels 7 ½” plate each had similar scalloped edges, certainly a different mold was necessary for the smaller plate. Careful examination of the Scroll Embossed picture reveals absence of the outermost ring, beyond the larger “stippled arc” area, indicating a variation of the “plunger” design as well.

Is it possible that this 7 ½” plate is an extension of the Imperial line, rather than a “purloined pattern”? If any of you know of other colors in this small plate, please let us know, so that a follow-up can be printed.

Marigold SCROLL EMBOSSED plate.
Marigold SCROLL EMBOSSED plate

SCROLL EMBOSSED PLATE~~ Imperial 9” plates are always nice and flat, with scrumptious iridescent treatment. These purple examples can be found having varying degrees of red, green, and blue overtones, but they are always evenly applied and well-balanced in color. Exterior is plain. Bowls with plain exterior can be found in marigold, purple, smoke, helios, aqua and ( yes-clambroth-an intended color produced by Imperial)

All clambroth examples from Imperial are so consistently the same, no matter the pattern, that it should NOT be questioned as to intent. This particular plate was once in the collection of Bob and Jane Brown of Texas. They consigned their collection through Seeck Auctions to be sold for the third San Diego/Sou.Ca Convention where we quite happily purchased it.

SCROLL EMBOSSED PLATE~~ Marigold Scroll Embossed plates and bowls in the 9” sizes are far from accommodating when the search is on to find one! They are underpriced, considering  their scarcity, and every bit as exhilerating  as purple examples. A smoke plate would be a real “find”, but you should not have much trouble locating a helios example. Aqua is referred to in some written accounts, but we have never seen one in nearly 30 years of looking at a LOT of Glass.  9” plates in this pattern are available in purple, marigold, helios and aqua.

This beautiful plate was purchased from Ingrid Spurrier. It was among her glass set out for sale while we attended an ACGA Convention in Columbus, OH in 2002.

FILE Exterior on 9 in. amethyst bowl
SCROLL EMBOSSED with FILE Exterior in 5.5 in. Bowl. These small marigold bowls are somewhat scarce!
FILE Exterior on 9 inch
 amethyst bowl
SCROLL EMBOSSED with FILE Exterior in 5.5 inch Bowl.  These small marigold bowls are somewhat scarce!

FILE EXTERIOR~~ Marigold, purple and smoke examples of bowls in sizes ~~ 4”-5”,  6 ½”-7 ½”,  8”-9 ½” can be found. This File pattern dates back to 1909 as a pressed glass pattern. It is shown in the Imperial factory catalog for that year.

Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Wholesale catalog
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Wholesale catalog

1911 BUTLER BROTHERS CATALOG AD: Notice the special order number at the bottom of the ad, should the new silvery finish helios color be desired.

D/D Fry  -  3/05
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