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Northwood Peacock & Urn


Note: The Northwood trademark is nearly always visible on the underside of the base, since the marie has no design. Three rows of beads are seen on the urn and there is a bee in front of the bird's beak. Millersburg pieces in this pattern have an impressed star design within the marie. Most examples (not all) have no beads on the urn and will lack the bee, as well. The Fenton version of Peacock & Urn bowls and 9” plates,  will always carry an exterior pattern called Bearded Berry, easily distinguishing it from the other two. Fenton and Millersburg also produced the design in a stemmed compote. Northwood did not.

 Which design came first? Millersburg was in business from 1909 -1912, so it is likely theirs took the lead. The Fenton version appeared in wholesale catalogs during the mid-teens. Northwood production extended into the peak years of pastel production, leading into 1912 -1914.

PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate in ice green-one of only 4 known.
PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate in ice green-one of only 5 known.

Stippling (beneath the bird) on the ice green PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate
Stippling (beneath the bird) on the ice green PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate.

PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate.
PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate

PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate-clearly illustrating the customary (SCOOP) attitude of all the chop plates in this pattern! Notice Measurement from surface to top edge
PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate-clearly illustrating the customary (SCOOP) attitude of all the
chop plates in this pattern! Notice Measurement from surface to top edge.
A Personal Account from Dorothy Harding -
Re: Ice Green PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate-Feb. 15, 2005

Hello Diane,

First I want to thank you for all that you have done to give this plate its proper recognition.
The story behind the plate goes like this. My mother (Ida Cohee) attended auctions for over 30 years, amassing a collection of over 800 pieces of carnival glass. Another room was added to the house in order to accommodate 14 china closets filled with Carnival Glass, more than 400 clocks and Nippon.

The passing of my step-father necessitated a move from the farm to a smaller home. Downsizing began in earnest, but mother kept three wonderful china closets, storing her favorite Glassware and Nippon in them. She consigned the balance of her collections to several public sales.

After 20 years of living in the smaller home, she developed  Parkinsons  Disease.  Since I lived close to her, I moved in to help with her care. There were three more auction sales following her death in August of 2002.

While attending one of these sales, I saw this beautiful ice green plate (knowing it was Carnival).  It was marked with the N and had a circle around it. At that point in time, I had ventured onto eBay in an attempt to learn some things. Having so many patterns, colors, different edges and makers, I did learn a lot. I had never really cared or paid much attention in earlier years. Mother had so much!

 However, when I saw this plate, I knew immediately that the ice green plates brought a lot of money and somehow felt that my Mom was there that night, urging me to continue bidding!!! I had never bought anything that expensive at a sale before. Later research into a carnival glass publication, along with excitement related from a friend in Phoenix after an email and photos of the plate were sent for appraisal, convinced me I had indeed, made a wonderful purchase!

In preparing for the next auction, Mr. Joe O'Neal, from Laurel, Delaware, wanted so desperately to list this item. I did not want to sell it at that time (February 7th 2004). It gives me such a very serene, peaceful feeling. Again, I believe that my Mom is party to my having the plate! I placed such a reserve on the plate, that  no one would have purchased it!!!!!!!!!!

I feel very fortunate to have come across this plate at a local auction! It is unbelievable to me, yet today! Without the collection my Mom started, affording me a basic knowledge of such valuables, this magnificent plate might  have gone home with some other individual that night.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share this story!

Sincerely, Dorothy Harding, Preston, MD

PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate: is a very difficult piece to attain in any color.  There were few which managed to evade becoming ice cream shaped bowls, with all edges turned up. When found, these chop plates are least likely to be flat, as most chop plates are! They all have a scoop shaping. Particularly in the case of the pastels, the scoop effect lends itself nicely to color flow and highlights. Amethyst is found more often than marigold, white, or ice green. One more peculiarity worth mentioning: The pattern is always slightly “offsides” on these plates, and on the Master Ice Cream bowls. The reason for lack of centering is not known, although since the  design is not symmetrical, centering would not be possible. (Somehow we have come to overlook that flaw-smile) Some plates are stippled, some unstippled. These plates can be 10 ½”-12”, depending upon the prevailing “scoop attitude” present.

Re: Personification of the term  -  PLATE:

Generally speaking, Fenton plates in either chop size or  9” and smaller sizes, are flatter than any made by Northwood.  Millersburg made few plates, with the very few Peacock @ Urn chop sizes being quite flat. The Blackberry Wreath and Hanging Cherry 6” plates are nicely  flattened.  Most others from that manufacturer, referred to as plates have questionable turned up edges. Imperial was the master of flat plates! Dugan liked to crimp the edges on small sizes or make a hand grip from their 9” plates in many instances. However, Dugan chop plates in Cosmos and Variant and Heavy Web are known in flat plates, along with their illustrious Persian Garden, Garden Path Vt., and Four Flowers. As you may have ascertained at this point:  There are no hard and fast rules when assessing carnival glass.  Seemingly, exceptions negate that!

PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate-Amethyst
PEACOCK & URN Chop Plate-Amethyst
N. PEACOCK & URN Ice Cream Bowl.Ice Blue
PEACOCK & URN Ice Cream Bowl in Amethyst.
PEACOCK & URN Ice Cream Bowl in Ice Blue
PEACOCK & URN Ice Cream Bowl in Amethyst

PEACOCK & URN Master ice cream bowls - unstippled: are found in a host of colors; marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt, blue, white, ice blue, ice green, lime green, horehound, honey amber, clambroth, Renninger blue, aqua opalescent, sapphire blue, vaseline 9”-10 1/2” size. SMALL ice cream bowls of 5”-6” size are known in marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, white, ice blue, ice green, and aqua opalescent. Some are known to be minus the bee, just off the end of the beak.

Some of the Master bowls are found ruffled, in marigold, amethyst, and green.
Master ice cream, stippled bowls are known in marigold, cobalt blue ice blue, horehound, honey amber, smoke, Renninger blue, sapphire blue. SMALL stippled ice cream bowls are found in marigold, cobalt blue, and Renninger blue.
Amethyst 6 in. PEACOCK & URN (sometimes called a Plate, but the edges usually turn up a little at some point
Amethyst 6 in. PEACOCK & URN (sometimes called a Plate,
but the edges usually turn up a little at some point).

PEACOCK & URN Small plate:  Obviously flattened (somewhat), from the small berry bowl, these are 6”-7” in size, and again; very rarely are they completely flat! Stippled versions are known in cobalt blue. Unstippled plates are known in marigold, amethyst, and cobalt blue. In our 30 years of search: we still do not own one. A plate is either flat along the edges, or it is not considered a plate-in our opinion!  “Picky-Picky!”  Perhaps; but human nature dictates we spend our money for what pleases.
Note: Some small berry bowls are known to be minus the bee at the end of the bird's beak. Here again, as with the Master ice cream bowls, aqua opal is the most coveted color.

Dean & Diane Fry - 2/05

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