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John Britt Letter
A  Handwritten Letter from the late John Britt

Dated December 11, 1995 (while we were still living in San Diego)

John had a keen sense of humor. Among other statements in his letter, this one is John at his best!

I watched the Kansas-San Diego basketball game Saturday night. Kansas 101-San Diego 71. But, four of Kansas starters were from California. I've always liked sports and follow the games quite close. Lucile don't pay much attention to sports of any kind. She likes Carnival Glass though. That's what is important to me.

I might mention that we recently found a 9 ICS bowl like the plate pattern shown on page 175 on the left hand side, No. 3027D-10 plate. Our bowl is in very pretty, good marigold with excellent iridescence. I'll bet there is a plate out there some where in marigold carnival glass. Do you know the name of the pattern?

Hope you both have a very good season for Christmas and New Year.
Best of Wishes.    John & Lucile Britt

Print from 1909 Imperial Catalog
Print from 1909 Imperial Catalog

HOBSTAR and ARCHES  is a rather obscure and difficult pattern to locate, considering that Imperial Glass produced more and varied two-piece bowl/base sets than any of the other carnival producers. In the case of this pattern, a good rich marigold is the usual color discovered. However, helios examples can be found, along with purple, which is quite rare. Deep ruffling generally accompanies the 11-12 bowls.
The base for this fruit bowl does carry the Hobstar and Arches design. It also is used to accompany the Long Hobstar fruit bowl and the Royalty punch bowl!
The smaller 8 ½- 9 ½ ruffled bowls are known in marigold, helios, purple and smoke. Marigold is the only color found in any quantity.

Photos included here are courtesy of Dave Fetterman

HOBSTAR and  ARCHES 9.5 in. Bowl.
Marie area of HOBSTAR and  ARCHES
9.5 inch Bowl
Marie area of HOBSTAR and  ARCHES

 Dean & Diane Fry~10/04

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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