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Time to relax and have a little fun.  All carnival glass study and no play can be harmful to the brain cells!
I have taken some of our favorite carnival glass patterns and pictures and turned them into downloadable puzzles.  These take less than a minute to download with DSL and only a minute or two with dial-up.  Just click on any of the links below to download the jigsaw puzzle games.  Try it!  I think you will like them and some can be a bit challenging.

Click on the pictures or the links to download the puzzle games.
More Puzzles!  Click on Pic or Link to download.

Blackberry Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle
Open Rose Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Butterfly Bush Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Paneled Holly
Chrysanthemum Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Peacock and Urn Chop Plate Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Circle Scroll Vase Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Peacock at the Fountain Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Cosmos and Cane Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Peacocks Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Crucifix Candlesticks Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Persian Medallion Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Daisy and Plume
Pinecone Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Farmyard Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Portland 1912 Bell Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Stork in Rushes Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Sorrow, Pain and Salvation
The Good Shepard
Heavy Grape Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Vintage Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Holly Bible
Wide Panel Epergne Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Imperial Grape
Inverted Strawberry Puzzle Game
Linn's Mums Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Halloween Jar
Lustre Rose Ad
Deep Grape
Vintage Compote

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