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Colonial Variant Update
Colonial Variant Pitcher and Matching Tumbler in Marigold.
Colonial Variant Pitcher and Matching Tumbler in Marigold.

As was the case with most of the established glass manufacturers, when iridized carnival glass came upon the scene, some of their more desirable and best-selling moulds were used to “test the market”. Many of them were no longer used as specialized moulds were introduced to further promote desirability of the colorful “new glass”! Apparently very few iridized water sets were produced in this Colonial Vt. pattern.

Given No. 393 ½ when advertised in the January 1909 Imperial Glass marketing catalog as pressed glass, there were also table sets available in this design. Measured from base to the tallest point just above the spout, the pitcher stands 8 ½” high. Simple and practical in size, many were likely used and broken. We have owned this set for more than 20 years and have seen only one other marigold pitcher in that length of time.

Diane Fry….January 2016

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