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Decorated Carnival - Part 4

DAISY BAND- ala Seeck and Barb & Don Chamberlain
DAISY BAND - ala Seeck and Barb & Don Chamberlain.

DAISY BAND Tankard Set:  Barbara Chamberlain says there is evidence of a former silver band around this pitcher, indicating a lack of firing at the time the silver band was applied, allowing it to become somewhat worn away before, or while the colored enameling was applied.

In the factory a colored ground frit which is a powdered glass, mixed with a shellac base to create a firm hold on the smooth surface of the base glass is applied to the molded glass pitcher (by the artist). Then the pitcher is sent to the lyre to secure the frit to the base glass. Applied in this manner, the silver paint would NOT wash off!  

INTERIOR DRAPE-Courtesy Sandy SageINTERIOR DRAPE, Courtesy Barb & Don ChamberlainINTERIOR DRAPE--Gerald & Candy Brockmeyer
Left - INTERIOR DRAPE - Courtesy Sandy Sage.
Middle - INTERIOR DRAPE, Courtesy Barb & Don Chamberlain.
Right - INTERIOR DRAPE - Gerald & Candy Brockmeyer.

DAISY BAND Pitchers: Basically, these are Interior Drape design pitchers. The example owned by Gerald and Candy Brockmeyer have silver bands which were likely applied and fired on, prior to the time the enameling was applied at the factory. That firing has maintained the silver finish over the years. Obviously, two different artists did the painting, with the slight differences being evident on close inspection. (Different strokes by different folks!) The example owned by Sandy Sage is painted more like the Chamberlain’s.
When the two pitchers were set side by side for close comparison, the results are as follows.

Brockmeyer Pitcher
Chamberlain Pitcher
Rich, dark marigold
Lighter, more even marigold
Two faint, worn silver bands
Two distinct silver bands
Six leaf groupings around the collar
Four leaf groupings around the collar
Four daisies in top silver band
Five daisies in top silver band
Eight daisies in lower silver band
Seven daisies in lower silver band
Daisies more primitive
Daisies more realistic
Three large floral/leaf clusters on body
Three large floral - leaf clusters on body

MAGNOLIA Table Set-Courtesy Burns Auction
MAGNOLIA Table Set - Courtesy Burns Auction.

MAGNOLIA Table set:  In our Decorated Carnival Glass – Part 1 we display a berry set owned for many years by Jim and Ardonna Bucher. It has the same painted design as seen on this table set. Lacking a name for that pattern at the time the segment was composed, we simply called it Stippled Rays, which is obviously the same interior pattern found on this table set. Records for these decorated items are “sketchy”, at best and the auctioneers tend to “develop a name” in some cases, whenever an unusual pattern presents itself for their advertising purposes.

Ice Green Dianthus set.

DIANTHUS Water set:  While this set in white is shown in the Heacock/Fenton book as Prism Band pattern, we believe it to be Dianthus. We display the white example in Decorated Fenton Water Sets – Part 1. One notable difference is the painted gold band around this green set; whereas the white tankard has none! (Another varying artistic touch!) There are tankards in this design which lack the gold band.

FORGET ME NOT Water Tankard Set.
FORGET ME NOT Water Tankard Set.
FORGET ME NOT-Tankard SeFORGET-ME-NOT on BANDED DRAPE PitcherFORGET-Me-NOT with larger, fewer flowers
Left - FORGET ME NOT-Tankard Set.
Right - FORGET-Me-NOT with larger, fewer flowers.

FORGET-ME-NOT Tankard sets: The varying degrees of artistic touch are clearly displayed in these three versions of the pattern. The Fenton Banded Drape #1016 lemonade pitcher is usually found having the Iris painted design. Since both Fenton and Northwood produced hand painted water sets, with many of them unrecorded in carnival glass books, it would be difficult to ascertain the maker of the two tankard types.

Another difficulty of proper identification is that various writers apply differing pattern names to the painted designs.

Amethyst & Mgld. FORGET-ME-NOT Tumbler, Courtesy Greg Lockhart.
Amethyst & Marigold FORGET-ME-NOT Tumblers.
 Courtesy Greg Lockhart.

FORGET-ME-NOT Tumbler:  The Richard Owens tumbler book displays one such as this having a prism type band slightly raised from the smooth surface of the glass. The base color of the glass is blue. He does not mention any variations. That book was printed in 1973.

This tumbler belonging to Greg Lockhart lacks that prism band surface and is amethyst base glass. Does anyone have an amethyst pitcher or tankard having the same painted design?

Close scrutiny of the painting applied to the marigold tumbler offers exemplary differences in application of design. (Every artist offers a differing touch with that paintbrush!).

Differing PERIWINKLE applications (Question)
Differing Periwinkle pitchers.

Differing PERIWINKLE Sets:  A good question is whether Fenton and Northwood each presented a version of the pattern? Seeck Auctions sold a marigold Cannonball-style water set with a design like the one seen here on the tankard sitting to the right. Since both producers utilized that pitcher shape, it offers no solution to the puzzle.                                            

Dean & Diane Fry,  May 2014

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Finally there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge,
will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.
(2 Timothy 4:1-8)
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