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Other patterns have been called this shade of blue, but in the strictest sense of its reference; since the first articles were written many years ago by the famed Don Moore, these four patterns are the ones known to have been made by Fenton. None of them are easily attained. MANY large carnival glass auctions come and go without offering any of these bowls! To our knowledge, this is the first time all four have ever been shown together in color. We sincerely hope you enjoy the study.

Sometimes there are long periods of delay in acquiring certain desired pieces. Such was the case with the Autumn Acorn ice cream shaped bowl. Finally having it to add to our collection was the culmination of ten years of attempt to garner all four of the bowls manufactured by Fenton Glass in this very specialized color!

Our first example in this beautiful Persian Blue was the Peacock & Urn, which is an eight ruffle bowl, purchased during the 1992 HOACGA Convention auction when a portion of the Don Moore collection was sold.

Persian Blue Peacock @ UrnReverse of Peacock @ Urn
Front and Reverse of Persian Blue Peacock @ Urn.

The next opportunity came when Mickey Reichel  offered a beautiful ruffled version of the Vintage pattern in a 1997 auction. We were the successful bidders.

Persian Blue VintageReverse of Vintage.
Front and Reverse of Persian Blue Vintage.

Then in mid-1998, our friend, Dennis Sutton decided to allow us to purchase his lovely example of the Lotus and Grape ice cream shaped bowl.

Persian Blue Lostus and Grape
Front and Reverse of Persian Blue Lotus & Grape.

Throughout the years we would ask various collectors about the availability of the Autumn Acorn piece…… no avail! On occasion, if the question were posed to a collector who did actually own one, a friendly smile became visible, followed by a quickly declining answer. Then, when the brochure arrived for the 2002 ACGA Convention auction, our opportunity at long last presented itself!

Persian Blue Autumn AcornReverse of Autumn Acorn
Front and Reverse of Persian Blue of Autumn Acorn.

Would you believe that this prize cost more than any of the others? Surely some of you have been in a similar situation! Whenever an unusual item comes into view, there are others who have similar tastes, and the determination to meet the challenge.  As an Australian friend remarked: “It's great that you can mark ONE MORE off your list!”

We do feel a sense of accomplishment to have completed the series of four and hope that some deep desire of yours can be so accommodated….perhaps in a more timely fashion. ….Ten years is a long time to wait.

 Dean & Diane Fry….8/03

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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