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Fenton General Catalog 1965
Fenton General Wholesale Catalog January 1965 Table of Contents

Inside Cover
Page 01 Fenton Basket Craftsman
Page 02 Hobnail Milk Glass
Page 03 Hobnail Milk Glass
Page 04 Hobnail Bowls and Candleholders
Page 05 Hobnail in Color
Page 06 Hobnail Floral Containers
Page 07 Hobnail Planters, Vases and Epergnes
Page 08 Hobnail Serving Pieces
Page 09 Hobnail - Milk Glass and Color
Page 10 Hobnail - Cranberry
Page 11 Hobnail Milk Glass Baskets and Candy Jars
Page 12 Hobnail Milk Glass and Color
Page 13 Hobnail Milk Glass Serving Pieces
Page 14 Hobnail Ash Tray Sets and Lighters
Page 15 Courting Lamps
Page 16 Thumbprint
Page 17 Thumbprint
Page 18 Thumbprint
Page 19 Thumbprint
Page 20 Thumbprint
Page 21 Thumbprint
Page 22 Thumbprint
Page 23 Thumbprint
Page 24 Silver Crest Petticoat Glass
Page 25 Silver Crest Petticoat Glass
Page 26 Silver Crest Petticoat and Spanish Lace
Page 27 Silver Crest Petticoat Glass
Page 28 Silver Crest and Peach Crest
Page 29 Fenton Handmade This and That
Page 30 Ruby Overlay and Fenton Ash Trays in Color
Page 31 Pineapple, Empress and Rose
Page 32 Vasa Murrhina
Page 33 Vasa Murrhina
Page 34 Rose with Green and Rose Mist
Page 35 Rose with Green and Autumn Orange
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